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ANAC, a world-class lube oil analysis and diagnosis tool whose industry-leading technology and innovations serve customers and OEMs, has been officially launched in China.

The decision to bring ANAC services to the country is a key component of Total Lubricants China’s (TLC) strategy. We take pride in providing premium products and services, and are now able to offer an even more comprehensive level of service in this huge, fast-growing market.

An expected service

Eager to enhance their business competitiveness,more and more Chinese customers are seeking superior oil analyses to improve productivity and reduce downtime. The new ANAC service will help meet our customers’expectations through technical expertise, and expand the reach of TotalEnergies-branded lubricants To make sure our services equal the technology standards and efficiency found at the ANAC laboratory in Belgium, ANAC HQ supported us in identifying a reputable laboratory with advanced equipment and quality operations. As a result, ANAC reports can be dispatched within 48 hours of receiving samples. Discover how to buy an ANAC kit for oil samples here.

A fast-growing reputation

Effective communication and mutual support were essential for a successful launch. During the initial six months, TLC worked closely with ANAC HQ to understand the specific requirements of Chinese customers. We also looked at what we could do differently to optimize ANAC services in China, including innovative testing methods, training, operations and processes.ANAC services are being heavily publicized:

  • They are a main topic on TLC’s Lubricants Forum, to gather suggestions from managers of different functions on how to deliver ANAC values to our business and support brand construction.
  • Technical teams are integrating ANAC-related information in training sessions for internal sales team and key distributors. Technical and commercial aspects are covered, to help participants learn how to use ANAC to drive business effectively.
  • ANAC promotional events are being staged at seminars in different industries, including mining and cement, to serve as a key driver to attract new business. Besides ANAC Pro and ANAC Indus , TLC will be introducing ANAC Gas in the near future, to meet the growing demand from industrial customers.

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