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ANAC: Testimonials


ANAC have done around 4 million oil analyses and helped more than 15 000 customers worldwide. Some of them wanted to share their experiences, so do not hesitate to read those ANAC customers testimonials.



Based in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, has integrated ANAC in their European extended warranty program HELP (Hitachi Extended Life Program). For every new extended warranty contract, the HITACHI dealer receives an ANAC sampling kit. During the scheduled services of the machines subscribed to the program, ANAC samples are taken from all lubricated components and sent to the ANAC lab. Hitachi Europe adds its "OEM" comments to the ANAC diagnosis reports through the Internet via the specially developed TBO (Technical Back Office) module of the ANAC website. This way HITACHI monitors the maintenance of the components under warranty and prevents breakdowns.

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Our equipment operates under the most severe circumstances. With ANAC, which is an additional service we provide for every HELP contract throughout Europe, we offer dealer and customer insight into the health of the equipment under their control. Through the internet based reporting system, oil sample results are available for our dealer network with a minimum of time delay after the actual sampling date at the ANAC laboratory, in a consistent and frequent manner. Additionally, when the oil analysis report shows abnormal wear or contamination of the oil, we are able to provide our dealers unique combined support, by adding our HITACHI technical expertise to the ANAC oil sample results. This ANAC oil sampling program is a highly suitable tool for HCME to contribute to our ongoing pursuit of preventing downtime and reducing costs of repairs for the HITACHI machines in our dealer network.

Marten BOOTSMA Service Development Manager - HCME

Martlé, company of transport of earth moving equipment

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My name is Jean–Pierre Martlé. I am responsible for maintenance and repairs of the vehicle and machine fleet of the company Martlé. We load, unload and stack piles. Therefore we need tractors of the highest power range. Loads of more than 100 tons are no exception. The working conditions can be very various : short or long distances, heavy or less heavy loads. Sometimes high PTO charge, other times less or none…. All these parameters make it very hard to standardize the maintenance of our vehicles. A very useful tool for me is the Anac oil analysis service of  Total. By monitoring the “Wear Coefficient” which is displayed on every ANAC diagnosis report, I can fine-tune the oil drain intervals perfectly to the service conditions. Hence, the oil change takes place at the right moment. The ANAC Wear Coefficient also allows me to make the link with the driver, his fuel consumption, and other wear sensitive parts such as brakes and tires. It allows me to identify the less “careful” drivers. By re-initiating our drivers I could prevent many problems and reduce the fuel consumption considerably. Furthermore ANAC helps us, by oil samping, to detect engine problems in a very early stage which has made our fleet more reliable and has reduced downtime. ANAC advisor helps us in the interpretation of the ANAC oil diagnosis reports and with the choice of the correct lubricant types. I can rely on him for all kind of technical advice. We are very satisfied with ANAC and the service of Total Lubrifiants.

Jean–Pierre MARTLÉ Maintenance Manager - Martlé

SARENS, the reference in the field of crane hire and moving heavy loads, both horizontally and vertically

Already in 1992, the company decided to turn to oil analysis as a means of reducing the downtime of cranes.

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The lab of the company was still located in Schoten, and given the growth that we were experiencing at that time and the number of new cranes purchased, I decided to go into partnership with Total, who presented us with ANAC Pro: the perfect tool to get a better overview of the condition of our fleet. From 2008, Guy Frederickx worked hard to ensure that the system would be deployed over the entire company worldwide.  

Marc SARENS Technical director & co-owner - SARENS
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TotalEnergies manages to differentiate itself with ANAC for several reasons.  Besides the intuitive way of reporting (with the color coding), the extensive database of engine brands and types built by TotalEnergies are indispensable.  Moreover, the diagnosis turns out in most cases to be correct, which of course saves us a lot of time. With this information as essential backing, we are increasingly able, on the basis of the oil analyses, to predict when a certain type of engine requires maintenance. This allows us to keep DOO (Days Out of Order) as short as possible and reduce the total repair cost of engines.

David SMITH Responsible for the worldwide maintenance of the cranes - SARENS

Brussels Intercommunal Transport Company, a local public transport operator in Belgium

The Société des Transports Intercommunaux de Bruxelles (Brussels Intercommunal Transport Company or Maatschappij voor het Intercommunaal Vervoer te Brussel in Dutch) is a local public transport operator in Brussels.
Established in 1954, our company is actually the city's biggest public transport operator. The STIB currently manages a network of underground lines, tram lines and bus routes. Its network covers the 19 communes of the Brussels-Capital Region, as well as the 11 communes of the near suburbs.

Wilfried Pharazijn-Pouleur works at the STIB as an Implementation Technician for Maintenance Engineering in the Bus Business Unit. He analyses ANAC reports in order to optimise preventive maintenance plans and organise corrective repairs on the basis of any contamination or wear detected in oil samples.

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ANAC Pro analyses enable us to easily manage, in a timely manner, a fleet of + 650 Buses of various types in four garages: Jacques Brel, Haren, Delta and, in the very near future, Petite Île.We are able to target and quickly carry out work on vehicles identified as having defects. Rapid intervention will undoubtedly save us both time and money. We use ANAC Pro for engine lubricants, gear box lubricants and differential lubricants, and ANAC Coolant to analyse coolants.

Wilfried PHARAZIJN-POULEUR Maintenance Engineering Technician - STIB


In the garage department in Gent, in addition to TotalEnergies lubricants, they also use the ANAC oil analyses. 

Jonas Himpe is Support Manager Central Mechanical workshop and transport, part of General Maintenance & Power Supply, within ArcelorMittal in Ghent.

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Within the maintenance department of ArcelorMittal's rolling stock, continuity and preventive action is of the utmost importance, ANAC oil analyses are part of that. Our fleet of vehicles consists of unique machines specially built for our steel processing. They are part of the continuity of steelmaking. We want to avoid unexpected downtime of the rolling stock at all times. ANAC allows small deviations to be discovered in time so that repairs can be planned. In this way, we discover the infiltration of fuel or coolant into the engine oil bath at an early stage and can prevent serious damage. Even after an engine has been overhauled, ANAC confirms whether everything is in order. The complexity of the machines also means that different oil baths are in contact with each other but must remain separate. Thanks to ANAC, we have been able to detect such internal leaks from oil baths on several occasions. Another very important factor is the technical support we have from the Total technical representative. In addition to advice on lubricants, he will come on site depending on the problem or other aspects are measured in the oil analyses to find an answer to our question.  For us, that is a great added value.  

Jonas HIMPE Support Manager - ArcelorMittal