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Advantages of LubAnac

Oil testing for automotive:

Get a high return on investment, thanks to the LubAnac oil analysis.

Thanks to the automotive LubAnac analysis range (Agri, City, Transport, Off-Road And Nautic) the LubAnac diagnosis goes far beyond the classical “Is my oil still OK ?” – approach and offers a unique tool for the fleet manager. Through its different engine oil analysis, it allows :

  • To avoid excessive engine / machine component wear
  • To avoid breakdowns
  • To plan corrective actions on the fleet, avoiding “rush hours” in the workshop
  • To compare wear rates of one engine vs another
  • To know when to replace vehicles
  • To boost the reselling value of machines

In short: reducing considerably the cost per working hour or km of the fleet. Well applied as a systematic fleet management system, LubAnac can generate big savings in the maintenance and operational costs of a fleet and calculation in practice generally shows returns on investment of over 1 by 9 (1 Euro invested in LubAnac brings 9 Euro savings). With the LubAnac service, well applied, a customer can save more money than what he spends on the oil !

LubAnac is the guarantee of reduced operating costs:

  • Optimization of equipment service life
  • Optimization of fuel consumption
  • Optimization of drain intervals
  • Prevention of failures and down time
  • Diagnoses for the purchase of used equipment
  • Enhancement of equipment resale value

The LubAnac also provide a range of oil analysis for the industrial market:

Thanks to the complete range of LubAnac Indus oil analysis, it is now possible for the industrial maintenance manager to make the step towards conditional maintenance:

  • Plan maintenance work at the most appropriate time
  • Extend the lifetime of the equipment
  • Extend the lifetime of the fluids (Lubricants/ Coolants)

LubAnac Indus combines the LubAnac laboratory expertise of oil testing with the expertise of the TotalEnergies Product Engineers on lubricant formulations in order to give you the best possible service with maximum savings on maintenance.

Reduce your lubricants maintenance cost

LubAnac diagnosis takes oil analysis a step further. It has implemented, in its IT system, algorithms based on years of development and database-feed. Thanks to its expertise, LubAnac has extended an oil analysis program into a proven cost saving fleet management tool.

Fleet operators using LubAnac have the benefit of very specific LubAnac information on the combustion engines of their fleet as :

Wear Coefficient: One figure indicating overall wear compared to identical engines

LubAnac has a very large statistical database on all specific engine types. It can compare the current global wear rate of an engine with all similar engines. This analysis indicates if your engine’s lifetime expectation is higher, equal or lower than average for that specific engine type. The Wear Coefficient allows to compare relative engine wear between different vehicles/machines.


As a fleet manager, by looking at 1 figure given by the LubAnac report, you know on which vehicles the cost per km or working hour can be reduced!

CAPS : Indicates probability of success of suggested corrective actions

Customers’ feedback for over more than 30 years has allowed LubAnac to establish a database on causes and effects.
In case of a “red” report, CAPS (Customer Assisted Prognosis System) indicates which corrective actions are necessary to cure the problem and displays their statistical probability of success!
The CAPS report also displays the chance of breakdown in case no corrective action would be taken.


As a fleet manager, and thanks to the help of LubAnac services, you know which preventive actions to take, and the risks involved when no action would be taken!

Compensated values (ppmc) : the real wear rate , independent from mileage and oil top-ups :

The concentration of the wear elements in an oil analysis depends on the wear rate of the engine. It is also strongly influenced by external parameters as the mileage of the oil and possible topping up with new oil.
To do so, a specific mathematical “Compensation” model has been developed. This LubAnac model will recalculate the raw laboratory values of wear metals into “compensated” values (ppmc) which are independent of oil mileage or oil top-ups, and represent the real wear situation.

As a fleet manager, and thanks to LubAnac, you see the real wear evolution of your engine at a glance!

In May 2014 , a brand new state of the art LubAnac oil analysis lab was inaugurated in Ertvelde (Ghent) Belgium. This central European laboratory, situated on the site of TotalEnergies' lubricant blending plant combines the very latest oil analysis techniques with a very high level of automation and oil analysis equipment, thus guaranteeing precise and reliable analysis results.

Safety, Quality and Environment are absolute priorities for LubAnac. The LubAnac service provided is ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 45001 and ISO 50001 certified. A barcode system is involved at each stage of the diagnostics process, meaning absolute traceability for the samples that are processed for the oil analysis.

Automotive database :

LubAnac has conducted more than 8,5 million lubricant analysis worldwide. Each oil analysis give calculate on a statistical basis reference values and condemnation limits on over 7000 combustion engine models and 6500 non combustion components. This LubAnac database is unique in the world and a treasure for R&D departments of many engine manufacturers who can study the behavior on their engines in real life conditions on a worldwide scale throw various lubricant analysis.

Industrial database :

For industrial (piston) gas engines, LubAnac Gas is recommended. For this application LubAnac uses the mandatory condemning limits indicated by the engine manufacturer to optimize lube oil diagnosis.

For all other industrial applications LubAnac Indus uses a database fed by TotalEnergies engineers in charge of oil development for every individual market segment. The database takes into account the specific formulation of each TotalEnergies oil, and its tolerances for variation linked to the application in which the oil is used. As this information is strictly confidential, no other oil analysis lab than TotalEnergies’ corporate LubAnac lab can make this interpretation.

Communication is what matters, in every aspect of professional life! Therefore LubAnac customers can choose between different communication media to obtain their diagnosis reports:

  • Oil analysis report in Pdf format by e-mail :
    The LubAnac reports are forwarded by e-mail as soon as the diagnosis is available.
  • Access to the secured LubAnac internet website:
    Every LubAnac user can access his analytical data by a personalized and secured access to
  • Analysis results are available in real time 24/7
    The LubAnac website gives access to many other features: statistics, queries, sample registration, diagnosis report consultation, contact with technical advisor, export of reports in PDF or Excel format, etc….
  • Access to the LubAnac via smartphone or tablet:

    The LubAnac website is compatible with any mobile phone and tablet with WiFi or 4G.
  • QR Flash for immediate consultation of the LubAnac report of your equipment

    LubAnac provides QR coded stickers, personalized per equipment, allowing consultation of the analysis reports and lubrication scheme in a flash!