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LubAnac Oil Testing In The World

Our main oil analysis lab in Europe

In order to keep on top of the oil analysis technology, LubAnac inaugurated in 2014 a brand new state of the art laboratory on the site of the TotalEnergies lubricant blending plant in Ertvelde (Ghent), Belgium. This LubAnac laboratory ensures a maximum of efficiency and quality by operating a unique level of robotization and the implementation of the most advanced oil testing techniques. This LubAnac center provides the necessary know-how and allows to have the same diagnosis reports worldwide for the international network of Weblink LubAnac laboratories.

A worldwide network of LubAnac oil analysis labs

Eager to duplicate the success of LubAnac in Europe, TotalEnergies affiliates worldwide can access to the service by the LubAnac Weblink concept. This concept allows local laboratories to perform oil testing according to LubAnac lab specifications and norms, under stringent control by the LubAnac central office. The Weblink labs access to the LubAnac database and IT system for the management of administrative data and the upload of analysis results. The LubAnac database executes the diagnosis, generates and dispatches analysis reports and makes the results available to customers through the secured website.

Currently, LubAnac offers its oil testing analysis in : Algeria, Australia, Brazil, Burkina Faso, Cameroun, China, Dubai, Egypt, Ghana, Guatemala, India, Ivory Coast, Kazachstan, Kenya, Morocco, Mexico, New Zealand, Nigeria, Pakistan, Panama, Qatar, Saoudi Arabia, Senegal, Singapore, South-Africa, Tanzania, Turkey, United Kingdom, USA, Zambia.