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In animal feed plants, huge volume of materials are manipulated. Equipments may suffer from carrying heavy loads, shocks, changing temperature, dust, water... Our lubricants' challenge is to ensure that you can run your plant at its optimal capacity, limiting production shutdowns and extending your equipment's lifetime. Our lubricants are homologated NSF H1 (approved for incidental food contact) which allows you to simplify your maintenance operation in case of feed production process that have lost lubrication system which represent risks of high oil contamination of the feed. From the quality of the feed depends the animal health and well being and at the end of the chain, the quality of the food produced. 

Our lubricants for the animal feed industry

TotalEnergies Lubrifiants is an experienced multi-specialist able to offer a large range of specialized lubricants. Our range of lubricants specifically designed for food processing industry covers all industrial applications present in your plants. Our lubricants ensure that your equipment is reliable and always available for your production. We can also help you rationalize your lubricant references which is a must for your maintenance operations, simplifying them and reducing human mistakes. Our differenciated packaging colors enable to recognize the green Nevastane lubricants for areas where feed contamination may occurred, and the iconic red TotalEnergies drums for standard industrial areas.

A full range of lubricants homologated NSF H1, NSF 3H for animal feed industry: Nevastane

A single lubricants supplier for all your applications in the sugar industry: from the farm equipment, to the industrial oil, and even to the finest food grade lubricants, Nevastane. Along the production process, our lubricants has to resist very diverse severe conditions such as extreme temperatures, heavy loads, and exposure to water and juices, while preserving food safety.

Our specific greases for pelleting machines in the animal feed industry: Nevastane MP 1.5, Nevastane XS and Nevastane XM

Modern animal nutrition is based on elaborated feed compounds, very often distributed under pellets form. In a pelleting machine ring die and rollers are exposed to severe conditions such as extreme pressure, steam, abrasive dust, vibrations. The choice of the lubricants is paramount and can impact strongly your production level and your equipment life time. For animal feed pellets we highly recommend to chose NSF H1 registered greases like the Nevastane MP 1.5 or Nevastane XS 320. The XS 320 have a Calcium Sulfonate complex soap based on our Ceran technology. This grease structure is highly efficient in hard conditions.

Our lubricants for gears in animal feed industry: Nevastane EP and Nevastane XSH

TotalEnergies Lubrifiants has developped a wide range of oils with strong properties to resists extreme pressure environment for the lubrication of all your spur gears, helical gears, spiral bevel gears, worm gears, pinions,… wherever there is a risk of contact with food or not.

We offer a very competitive mineral formulas. For gears operating in severe conditions, we also offer synthetic formulas based on carefully selected PAO or PAG able to bring extra properties such as limited oxidation. By reducing the friction coefficient in your equipment these synthetic lubricants will decrease your energy consumption while extending the wear and your equipment shelf life.

Our lubricants for hydraulic systems in animal feed industry: Nevastane AW and Nevastane SH

In many industry, the hydraulic oils represent the major lubricants consumption. TotalEnergies Lubrifiants has developped a wide range of hydraulic oils with strong anti-wear and anti-corrosion properties. Our ranges Nevastane AW and Nevastane SH are homologated NSF H1 and can be used in your food production, when there is a risk of contact with food. These hydraulic oils will take care of your equipment, protecting the spare parts : pumps, accumulators, valves, filters,… limiting the varnish formation and the down times.

Our partnerships and certifications

Specific applications in the animal feed industry

Our services

TotalEnergies Lubricants offers a wide range of services for industry professionals. From in use oil analysis to our TIG6 maintenance software (CMMS), our range of services is specifically designed to help you approach the management of your operations with confidence, allowing you to focus on what matters most: your production.