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Sustainable development

TotalEnergies is committed to limiting environmental impact through a focus on product safety and related operations.

Our commitments for lubricants

  • Safety (processes and transportation)
  • Prevention and control accident risks
  • Control of air and water pollutant emissions
  • Reducing accidental pollution risks
  • Monitoring the environmental impact of all products throughout their life cycle
  • Protecting biodiversity via the development of eco-friendly and biodegradable products

Low SAPS lubricants

TotalEnergies' low SAPS lubricants contain low levels of sulphated ash, phosphorus and sulphur (SAPS). SAPS can detrimentally effect the post treatment systems used to eliminate pollutant emissions - especially particulate filters (DPF). TotalEnergies' new generation of Quartz Ineo lubricants have been developed to address this issue.

Clean vehicles

Urban fleet managers adopting clean vehicles have complex ecological, technical and economic requirements, and need to stay ahead of changing European environmental regulations. To meet these needs, TotalEnergies offers lubricant solutions tailored to urban transport. Total Cityline can increase the service life of particulate filters by as much as 40% and reduce maintenance costs by up to 22%. For engines running on CNG, TotalEnergies has developed Rubia Gas 15W-40. All of our new Cityline lubricants meet the specifications of major European vehicle manufacturers.

Fuel economy

Total Lubricants is a world leader in Fuel Economy lubricants. By improving engine performance, FUEL ECONOMY de TotalEnergies lubricants can reduce your fuel consumption, cutting costs and reducing environmental impacts.

Biolubricants - biodegradable lubricants

In sensitive contexts such as aquatic, mountain, agricultural and forest environments, environmental protection is paramount. That's why TotalEnergies has developed a comprehensive range of eco-friendly lubricants and specialist products, from biodegradable antifreeze to biodegradable hydraulic oil.