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50 years of Turbine lubrication


Turbines play the essential role in Energy generation. More than ever along with reliability and uptime – having a trusted partner to support and extend the life of equipment is key in today’s dynamic Energy market and in the demand of low-carbon power generation. 

At Total Lubrifiants, we are proud to celebrate 50 years of trusted partnership in turbine lubrication. Today, our turbine oil range are used to generate more than 500 GW/y of Power globally.  

Our formulations are optimally balanced to minimize deposits, protect your turbine under the most demanding conditions and keep your operations trouble-free. The long operating life of our turbine oils will help you maximize uptime and reduce your overall operating costs.

You can rely on expert support from our 130 affiliates and local supply chains to carry out your project wherever they are. We give you direct access to our value-added services for turbines, including oil monitoring and implementation of our onsite turbine filling package.

We have broad experience across many sectors: fossil-fuel, nuclear, hydro, biomass, geothermal and concentrated solar power plants. We assure you manufacturer-approved products that have a proven track record in the field, from power companies to industrial processing plants.

At Total Lubrifiants, we  understand the need for operation-specific solutions. With the benefit of our extensive experience with original equipment manufacturers, we offer you a complete range of lubricants and services for all turbomachines: hydro, steam, gas, combined-cycle turbines and turbo compressors

Ramp up to full capacity with our PRESLIA turbine oils!


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