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Aluminum flat-rolled products (FRPs) include plates, sheets, and foils. These FRPs are principally used for their properties such as flexibility, sustainability, and durability. The main end-users of Aluminum FRPs are the packaging, automobile and transportation, building and construction, aerospace and defense, and consumer durables industries. They are 100% recyclable and do not emit significant hazardous gases during processing.
The major driving factors of aluminum FRP market include the increasing adoption of green initiatives and the high demand from the automobile industry. Also the increasing population is sustaining the demand of aluminium foils used in the food packaging industry (cans...).

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Our lubricants for aluminium rolling industry

TotalEnergies Lubricants is the only supplier able to provide the full range of lubricants for the aluminum rolling industry: hot rolling oils, cold rolling oils and additives, low-stain oils, air wash scrubber oil and all the range of general maintenance lubricants & greases. This unique position coupled with its long-lasting experience in the aluminium industry enables TotalEnergies Lubricants to provide solutions to its partners all along the rolling process.

Our aluminium hot rolling fluids: NOA and Tandemol

NOA series are tailor-made, oleic-acid free hot rolling fluids. They provide stable performance in use without any metallic soap formation.

Tandemol series are tailor-made, soap based hot rolling emulsions.

Those fluids are maintained using dedicated additives: ARC and Tandemol additive Series.

Our aluminium hot rolling additives: ARC and Tandemol Additives

ARC Series aim at maintaining the performances of NOA emulsions in case of hydraulic leakages, change in rolling schedules, change in alloys, etc.

Tandemol Additives are used to optimize Tandemol emulsions in case of hydraulic leakages, change in rolling schedules, change in alloys or for adjusting depleted levels in the emulsion.

Our compatible hydraulic fluids: Vital Fluid NOA and NOALubric

Vital Fluid NOA Series contain the same additives generally used in NOA technology rolling oils.

This ensures the chemical and physical characteristics of NOA emulsions are retained in case of accidental leakage. Any pollution of the rolling oil emulsion from products in the Vital Fluid NOA Series does not modify pH value or increase in any way acidity reserve of the system.

Our aluminium cold rolling fluids: Lubrilam S

Lubrilam S Series are non-staining aluminium cold rolling base oils. They have a narrow boiling range reducing both rolling oil consumption and residues on the sheets/foils. They also have a very low aromatic content ensuring low odor, good resistance to oxydation and a safe workshop environment.

Our products comply with the requirements of the food packaging industries: EU Regulation 1935/2004, FDA 21 CFR §178.3620 (b), Chinese standards GB 9685-2008).

Our aluminium cold rolling additives: Lubrilam ADD

Lubrilam ADD are additive concentrates that optimize the frictional properties of the cold rolling oils such as Lubrilam S in order to achieve the desired surface finish.

They can be mixed to enable fine-tuning of rolling oils formulations.

Those additives participate in reducing scrap rate, extending rolling oil life, increasing production and improving surface quality of the rolled products.

Our products meets the requirements of FDA 21 CFR §178.3910 (a), Chinese standards GB 9685-2008.

Our low-staining hydraulic oils for aluminium rolling mills: Azolla AL and Azolla ALS

Azolla AL and Azolla ALS Series are recommended for the lubrication of hydraulic systems of aluminum rolling mills.

Their cross-contamination in the rolling oils will not cause staining during annealing. Azolla AL oils are formulated with non-staining base oils and high performance additives providing good oxidation stability and anti-wear properties.

The different viscosity grades make AzollaAL suitable for low and high pressure hydraulic systems.

Our products are registered NSF H1 hence conforming to FDA regulation 21 CFR 178.3570. Therefore, they can be used as hydraulic fluids in mills that produce foil for the food packaging industry. Azolla ALS oils are premium synthetic and very low gum-forming hydraulic fluids. They are specifically recommended when annealing temperature are low.

Our low-staining bearing oils for aluminium rolling mills: Carter ALS

Carter ALS oils are recommended for the lubrication of work rolls and/or back-up rolls bearings of aluminium mills.

In case of leakages into the rolling oil, they will not create brown stains during annealing.

These oils exhibit very good extreme pressure and anti-wear properties for an efficient protection of the bearings.

These oils can also be used in bath lubrication and oil-mist lubrication.

Our air-wash scrubbing oils: Lubrilam Cleaner

Lubrilam Cleaner are air-wash scrubbing oils recommended for use in fumes recovery systems.

They possess high solvent recovery properties which enable to reduce VOC emissions and recover large amounts of rolling fluid.

These oils exhibit excellent resistance to oxidation. Therefore, they are able to resist to the severe constraints induced by the contact with the humid atmosphere and high temperatures.

Specific application in aluminium industry

Our services

TotalEnergies Lubricants offers a wide range of services for industry professionals. From in use oil analysis to our TIG6 maintenance software (CMMS), our range of services is specifically designed to help you approach the management of your operations with confidence, allowing you to focus on what matters most: your production.