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Smart Tank is an « as a service » wet stock solution. Launched in 2018, it uses a pressure sensor to measure and the IoT (Internet of Things) technology to remotely view and manage tanks’ stock level via a 24/7 portal: a cost-effective solution supported by sophisticated devices and specific communication networks.

All bulk products are eligible to Smart Tank. This implies that our solution is compatible with liquid products (fuel, lubricants…), as well as gaseous products (LPG). Smart Tank is also extensible to tanks that collect wasted oils.

Thanks to a pressure sensor, we can achieve several level measurements of your tanks every day. The data are transmitted via either the IoT network (Sigfox) or the GSM network. An online portal is then at your disposal to visualize the treated data. The Smart Tank solution can therefore alert you when your tank level is bellow (or exceeds) a certain threshold you have defined. This contributes to an early detection of the tanks which need to be filled (or emptied) in the (near) future, to a better planning of the deliveries and to other several advantages.

The customer benefits

  • Reinforce the security on your site, the level of your tank is available on your tablet. No need to climb up.
  • Strengthen your performance by ensuring product availability. TotalEnergies can oversee the automatic refueling process following alerts triggered when the tank’s levels are too low.
  • Reduce delivery costs by avoiding unitary or emergency deliveries.
  • Optimize the number of deliveries of your milk tours contributing to the protection of the environment. 
  • Reduce over-orders and cost generated: collect the right product needed and the right quantity.
  • Detect frauds and technical issues.
  • Remote monitoring of your tanks allowing you to have more visibility from the office on the deployment in a vast territory and in multiple sites.

Other services

TotalEnergies Lubricants offers a wide range of services for industry professionals. From in use oil analysis to our TIG6 maintenance software (CMMS), our range of services is specifically designed to help you approach the management of your operations with confidence, allowing you to focus on what matters most: your production.