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Wood industry


Manufacturers in the wood and timber industry face a number of challenges. Your equipment has to deal with high temperatures, high humidity and heavy loads, not to mention large amounts of dust and pollutants. That's why Total Lubrifiants has specially formulated a range of lubricants, greases and oils for wood manufacturing.

Wood industry requirements

TotalEnergies understandings of your constraints is the following:

  • Severe operating conditions
    • Very high temperatures
    • High pressures
  • High value manufacturing equipments
    • High CAPEX
    • Enhancing the service-life of equipment and spare parts
  • Continuous process
    • Very high costs of production stoppages
    • Reduction of the time spent in maintenance and cleaning operations
    • Safety of lubrication operations
  • Energy intensive industry
    • Research for reducing environmental impact
    • Optimization of fuel and lubricant consumption


TotalENERGIES wood industry products


WOOD panels: High performance Multifunctional productsBearing & multipurpose greases

  • MULTIS EP: extreme pressure multi purpose grease.
  • CERAN XM: very high load capability and outstanding water resistance.
  • CERAN XS: synthetic PAO calcium sulfonate complex based grease for wide operating temperature range and increased regreasing interval.
  • ALTIS EM: polyurea grease with long re-lubrication intervals for electric motors.
  • ALTIS SH: synthetic PAO based polyurea grease for electric motors.

  • CARTER EP: high load capability.
  • CARTER SH: synthetic PAO based lubricant; extended lifetime
    due to thermal stability.
  • CARTER SG: synthetic PAG based lubricant, for worm gears
  • CARTER BIO: biodegradable oil to reduce environmental


  • AZOLLA ZS: hydraulic oil with high thermal stability and anti-wear properties
  • EQUIVIS ZS: hydraulic oil with improved viscosity index for cold starts

Specific products  for continuous wood panel presses:

    • Mineral heat transfer fluid for temperatures up to 310°C
    • Good thermal stability, ensuring long drain interval
    • High flash point

  • SERIOLA DTH: in-service cleaning of heat transfer installation
  • CLEANER F: high surfactant properties for preparation of draining operation

    • Specific synthetic esters for high performances
    • Low evaporation, ensuring lower oil consumption
    • Reduced formation of deposits and intrinsic cleaning properties
    • Enlarged period for cleaning operations
    • Shorter down times due to easier cleaning operation


Complete solutions for Handling equipments, including multi-usage lubricants and lubricants for engines and transmissions. Another option for you is to use a the breakthrough technology developed and patented by TotalEnergies : CONCEPT TP STAR, two products to cover all your applications:

  • STAR MAX FE 10W-30
    • Engines
    • Hydraulics systems (for power or mobility)
    • Gearboxes (mechanical or powershift)
  • STAR TRANS 80W-110
    • Hypoid axles (and final drives)
    • Self-locking limited-slip disc differentials
    • Oil-immersed braking systems

TotalENERGIES expertise

Total Lubrifiants is a leading player in the global industrial lubricants market. We manufacture lubricants for a large number of different applications across a range of industries, as well as conducting cutting-edge research and development. Additionally, we work with equipment manufacturers and clients in the wood industry in order to meet their needs effectively.

Meeting your needs

TotalEnergies works across more than 140 countries, and has six production units worldwide. This international presence means that we're well-prepared to meet the requirements of our clients in the wood manufacturing industry wherever they may be located. Our global presence also allows us to supervise quality standards closely, resulting in consistently high-quality products and services worldwide. Our daily job is to provide you with ongoing support, and guarantee you the best lubricants for every application.

Our customized services optimize your maintenance with our support

TotalEnergies is able to support you through a set of services, on all your industrial site

  • On-site technical assistance for lubrication
  • Lubrication audits
  • In-service oil analyses
  • Software for maintenance management TIG 6
  • Training for your staff

With our global offer of products and services, our commitments to you are :

  • Reduced energy consumption.
  • Reduced risk of stock outages.
  • Simplified ordering, supply and storage of lubricants.
  • Reduced risk of lubricant application mistakes when maintaining equipment thanks to a comprehensive range
  • Lower transport costs.
  • Savings on maintenance and easier management of lubricants and empty containers.



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