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Specialized in the conception of specialty lubricants, Lubrilog offers full ranges of advanced solutions to meet the demanding Lubricant needs of any industry.

Our strong organizational values along with renewed production equipment allow us to propose optimum quality specialty lubricants to our clients. Lubrilog has successfully conceived ranges of unparalleled lubricants with a customized approach to meet the challenges of demanding industrial needs in Automotive, Electronics, Nuclear, Aeronautics, Cement, Mining, Mineral Wool, Corrugated cardboard, Wood based panels and many others.

Thanks to a full range of high-performance lubricants, Lubrilog offers the scope to improve the productivity and efficiency of the industrial equipment for all critical applications.

All our customers are attended by our application engineers fully dedicated to assist them in the choice of the most efficient lubricant to use according to their requirements. Additionally, our in-house logistics and supply chain experts ensure a timely supply and support in more than 52 countries all year long.

In its constant quest for further quality certification, Lubrilog is certified ISO 9001 v2015 and aims to achieve IATF 16949 within soon.

In July 2020, Lubrilog has become a wholly owned subsidiary of TotalEnergies. Since then, a full strategy dedicated to customers has been steadily built by proposing an efficient complementarity of Lubrilog ranges with the global footprint of TotalEnergies and its local presence.

More than ever, Lubrilog is committed to do always better in pursuit of Tribological excellence!

Lubrilog's technical offers:

Among the many industries in which Lubrilog is currently supplying its full range of high-performance lubricants, there are particularly thoses of Automotive, Mineral Wool, Corrugated board and Robotics.

Lubrilog Range for Aid Assembly:

The specialist division of TotalEnergies Lubricants, Lubrilog, has developped a range of specific lubricants to assist your operators on the production line. This product range allows you to considerably decrease the insertion effort, protect your elastomer against swelling or cracking over the time and protect you operators with safe and non-labelled solutions.

PFPE lubricants present the best advantages when it comes to ease the application. Our range of special lubricant LY F are composed of PFPE oils with different viscosity to finetune our technical proposal to your specific application.

Lubrilog LY F are PFPE lubricants fully compatible with all elastomers and plastics, and inerts in presence of most fluid or gas. This lubricant can be used in many applications in automotive industry such as aid assembly, sliding improvement (to reduce friction), releasing agent, noise reduction (to avoid squeaks and rattles, long lasting lubrication, application in high temperature environment and electric plugs for EV cars

Lubrilog LY F DVY are PFPE oils dispersed in a non toxic and highly evaporative solvent, allowing to ease the assembly without impacting the final mounting performance.

Depending on the formulation of PFPE dilutions, lubrication properties can be adjusted in relation of the production process. Among those properties, the thickness of lubrication film, the reduction of assembly forces, the dryness of the lubrication film (dry film lubrication or not), the quickness of drying time (evaporation of solvent cleanless solution).

Other industrial applications:

Pro talks:

At TotalEnergies Lubricants, customer proximity is in our DNA and and we make your satisfaction our priority. Car manufacturing industry require a local presence and on-site technical support to ensure the reliability of your equipment. We guarantee a complete satisfaction with our lubricants regardless of the industrial sector. Here you will find some of our customer testimonials in your sector of activity.