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For ever, our teams have been working on the field to advise our customers the best lubricants to use. Convinced that the Food & Beverage Industry has specific needs, we have launched Nevastane more than 80 years ago, with lubricants dedicated only to this industry.

Each and every details of the range have been designed to fulfill the specific needs of this sector. Nevastane products not only overpass standard lubricants performance, but they also bring extra safety, primordial in a food plant.

Nevastane and Finaturol lubricants are NSF H1 or NSF 3H registered. Formulations comply with FDA (Food and Drug Administration) chapter 21 CFR 178.3570.  This text defines which lubricants can be used in food production areas where accidental or even direct food contacts may occur. Our Nevastane plants are certified NSF ISO 21469. This certification guarantees our lubricants production processes and is considered as crucial.

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    NSF H1 & NSF 3H registred.

  2. Formulations comply with FDA chapter 21 CFR 178.3570.

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    Our Nevastane plants are certified NSF ISO 21469.


Nevastane packaging are specific to the food industry with a special varnish and food approvals. Their dedicated color helps our customers to easily identify it from conventional lubricants and in this way avoid any kind of contamination in their warehouse.

Our Nevastane lubricants are available all over the world and so it is essential that they guarantee and respect everyone's personal convictions with Halal and kosher certifications, as well as formulas free of GMO, animal substances, and allergens.


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Nevastane for all Food Industry segments

Nevastane offer a range of dedicated food grade lubricants, NSF H1 registered, allergen and GMO-free certified products produced at ISO 21469 certified plants with Halal & Kosher certifications.

A full range of synthetic products PAO, PAG, Ester, outstanding performance calcium sulfonate complex and PTFE greases for all Food Industry applications.

Our partnerships and certifications

  • NSF is a health and safety certification organization that ensures products are safe for food contact. Our products are NSF (H1 and 3H) registered.
  • Find our products registration letters: 

  • To go beyond a Food grade registration , TotalEnergies has also certify our plants with NSF ISO 21469 ensuring the lubricants production exceed the highest requirements of food safety.
  • Find our plant ISO21469 certificate: 

Discover Nevastane products for specifics applications:

More than 80% of the sugar produced in the world is extracted from sugar canes. All sugar plants have long lines of huge mills crushing thousands of tons of sugar cane every year. These mills have strong rolls, are driven by pinions and supported by plain bearings that have to resist heavy loads and contamination with bagasse and cane juice along all the harvest season. Using the right lubricants for these crucial equipments is key to reduce maintenance times, and to improve the plant profitability. Our engineers can support you in adjusting the lubrication with our advanced high viscosity oil: the new Carter OGL range.

Modern animal nutrition is based on elaborated feed compounds, very often distributed under pellets form. In a pelleting machine ring die and rollers are exposed to severe conditions such as extreme pressure, steam, abrasive dust, vibrations.

The choice of the lubricants is paramount and can impact strongly your production level and your equipment lifetime. 

For animal feed pellets we highly recommend to choose NSF H1 registered greases like the Nevastane MP 1.5,  Nevastane XS 320 or Nevastane XM 460. The synthetic grease Nevastane XS 320 have a Calcium Sulfonate complex soap based on our Ceran technology witch can reduces maintenance costs and is highly efficient in hard conditions.

In industrial processes, bearings can operate in very different conditions. Using the right grease can help you to extend drastically their shelf life. We can recommend you the exact grease that meet your expectation.

TotalEnergies Lubricants has developed Nevastane greases homologated NSF H1 for industrial applications with risks of contact with food. These greases are specifically designed to resist the specific food industry constraints such as steam, juices, regular cleanings, extreme temperatures...

Today’s industrial bakeries must operate their plants at peak efficiency, producing a wide variety of products while complying with increasing quality and safety standards. This requires very flexible baking lines which are exposed to the following extreme field conditions:

  • Presence of baking dusts and residues, high temperature in ovens, high moisture levels during proofing, very low temperature in freezing tunnels.

We help you to achieve your production targets while maximizing food safety, with our Nevastane H1 lubricants for incidental contact. Our products are specially formulated for your applications and they meet the requirements of the major equipment manufacturers. Additionally, for dough dividing and demolding operations that involve a direct contact of the lubricant with the dough, we recommend our Finaturol vegetable release agents, developed in compliance with specific regulations and classified as 3H by NSF.

Our services

TotalEnergies Lubrifiants offers a wide range of services for industry professionals. From in use oil analysis to our TIG6 maintenance software (CMMS), our range of services is specifically designed to help you approach the management of your operations with confidence, allowing you to focus on what matters most: your production.