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The 2 wheeler market is witnessing rapid growth and in pace with this there has been an increase in demand for servicing. Our focus is to provide customized solutions to all non franchised service providers by aligning them to our HI-PERF MOTOZONE concept, a name very close to our segment category, Moto.

Maintenance of motorcycles

HI-PERF MOTOZONE is a concept Garage or Workshop or Bike Wash Point for 2 wheelers, where oil change takes place exclusively or in addition to other services provided by the outlet. Only Moto range lubricants are available in these outlets.

HI-PERF MOTOZONE concept has been developed to upgrade thousands of unbranded/non franchised Garages and Outlets outside the OEM Service Dealers into unique HI-PERF MOTOZONE outlets, whereby the outlet owners or operators stand to gain through improved customer traffic.

This concept has been developed to eliminate all worries of the consumer about the authenticity of products used and technical capabilities.

By joining HI-PERF MOTOZONE, as a customer or business, you can gain different benefits:

  • You can receive guidance in terms of selecting the most suitable lubricants and professional recommendations in terms of bike maintenance. We can provide you as well as technical training on lubricants and their applications.
  • Other services will be provided such as a professional approach in terms of scope of work, delivery schedule and cost implications, sales promotion, merchandising items and free service checkups.