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TotalEnergies Lubrifiants has developed innovative solutions for high performance lubricants for more than sixty years.

In a very competitive market such as steel industry, any saving to decrease the operational cost and improvements on productivity or maintenance costs must be considered.

We provide better solutions for your equipments and process while bringing reliabity for general lubricants. Our offer of high quality process oils for rolling applications will also take into account the best TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) for you.

We are commited to provide a better technical product and service focusing on safety, quality, bio products and technologies to help our customer reduce their carbon emissions.

Our lubricants for steel industry

TotalEnergies Lubrifiants provides high performance oil and greases to optimize the lifecycle of key assets and critical equipments while minimize downtime and maintenance costs.

Complete lubricant range dedicated for steel applications. We have more than half a century of expertise and experience to handle and develop high temperature, high loads and all operation conditions linked steel process with new gear oils (Carter range) and our grease range with our Ceran range (High performance calcium sulfonate complex greases dedicated for steel) as well as our fire resistant hydraulic fluids (Hydransafe range) and casting mould fluids (Ironcast range).

TotalEnergies Lubrifiants has also developed new technologies and high performance products on metal process fluids for steel rolling applications with the Rollshield range which are steel hot rolling oils (SHRO), the Rollkleen and Fenella range which are steel cold rolling oils (SCRO) and Tempershield range which are temper fluid.

Our greases for bearings in rolling mills and roll tables: Ceran

Ceran greases range provide the leading and future Calcium Sulfonate Complex Technologies developped in close cooperations with major IOEM's of the market. We have a wide range of Ceran greases which has been developed to be adapted based on the equipment operation conditions, specifically for bearings in rolling mills and roll tables on CCM machines, and other applications.

Our hot rolling oils for steel industry: Rollshield

The Rollshield range is a high-performance rolling oil designed for hot rolled flat-strip Steel production. It is an ester based hot rolling oil with carefully selected EP and AW additives developed to impart good lubricity to reduce roll forces and extend the life of the work roll and is fully compatible with a wide range of industrial waters of varying quality.

Our cold rolling oils for steel industry: Rolkleen

The Rolkleen range is a semi-synthetic steel cold rolling lubricant, designed to produce mill clean strip and provide a stable operation conditions with a low consumption. This lubricant can also be applied at the pick line via main application types including electrostatic.

Specific applications for steel industry

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