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RUBIA TIR with Pro-Efficient technology

Protection approved by professionals, for maximum efficiency

RUBIA TIR products are approved by Heavy Vehicle Manufacturers for the great majority of the existing truck park, with a very wide coverage from most demanding EURO VI engines to conventional EURO III engines. The Pro-Efficient Technology, developed by TotalEnergies Research and Development teams, protects and improves the efficiency of professional engines by ensuring reduced mechanical wear and extended oil drain intervals. Meaning longer engine life, less breakdowns and reduced maintenance costs. In other words, increased efficiency and profitability for your business.
Benefits of using RUBIA with Pro-Efficient technology

  • Increased uptime and lower maintenance costs
  • Outstanding protection against mechanical wear
  • Longer Engine Life
  • Lower oil consumption

RUBIA TIR products with their Pro-Efficient technology form a strong protective layer on the metal surfaces avoiding direct contact in between moving engine parts thus minimizing mechanical wear. Pro-Efficient Technology thanks to its right combination of extra resistant anti- wear molecules and viscosity modifiers helps to maintain the oil film intact even under extreme conditions; resulting in improve engine longevity.

Up to 81% less mechanical wear compared to ACEA E4 Industry Limits. *

*OM 646LA Test (Cam Wear Outlet)


RUBIA TIR with Pro-Efficient technology was developed closely with professionals. It increases efficiency and profitability of your business by providing excellent engine protection for the majority of the existing truck park – from Euro VI to Euro III engines.

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