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11/07/2024 News

TotalEnergies announces the acquisition of Tecoil.



TotalEnergies has acquired Tecoil, a Finnish company specialising in the production of regenerated base oils (RRBOs). Tecoil has a 50,000-tonne-per-year production facility in Hamina, Finland, and has developed a circular economy network for the collection of used lubricants in Europe. Thanks to an optimised 're-refining' process, the used oils processed by Tecoil have properties comparable to the best virgin base oils. These high-quality oils reduce the carbon footprint of lubricants while delivering high performance.

"The integration of Tecoil will enable us to accelerate the use of RRBOs in our premium lubricants to meet the growing demand for high-performance, environmentally-friendly products," says Pierre Duhot, Senior Vice-President Lubricants and Specialties at TotalEnergies." Joining TotalEnergies is an opportunity to strengthen and develop Tecoil's activities," said Juha Kokko, CEO of Tecoil. With 42 lubricant production sites worldwide, TotalEnergies is a partner of choice for the automotive, industrial and marine markets. In June 2024, it launched its first range of lubricants made from premium regenerated base oils.