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The ANAC oil analysis diagnostics system for optimal fleet management


ANAC OFF-ROAD is a diagnostics system specially designed for off-road applications based on the scientific interpretation of used oil analysis data. This ANAC OFF-ROAD oil analysis kit allows fleet managers to reduce the TOTAL Cost of Ownership of their vehicle / machine park.


ANAC OFF-ROAD is specially recommended for:

  • Systematical follow–up of wear in driveline components such as engines, transmissions and hydraulic systems of all loaders, dumpers, shovels, cranes, gen-sets and other construction equipment equipped or not with gas engines or functioning with specific (bio)fuels.
  • Severe working conditions at high load and in all climatic conditions, by checking the presence of larger wear particles in the lubricant.
  • Check of lubricant contamination due to external working factors.
  • Prevention of downtime and improved use of the fleet in all safety.
  • Hydraulic oil performance and condition by measuring acidity and viscosity.
  • Determination of presence of mineral oil in biodegradable hydraulic oils (when providing a sample of the fresh oil)
  • Preventive maintenance, hence reduction of cost price per hour.
  • Decrease of the fuel consumption by Fuel Economy control and detection of potential fuel dilution.



Mechanical wear:

  • Wear elements : Iron, Lead, Copper, Tin, Chromium, Aluminium, Nickel (ppmc), FDM big particles of iron*


Oil contamination:

  • Silicon (ppm), Soot* (%) , Water (%), Cooling Liquid*(presence) , Fuel* (%) 

Characteristics of the lubricant:

  • Viscosity (mm2/s) at 100°C** or 40°C***, oxidation**, TAN ***

*only non-engine and non-hydraulic components   **transmission oils   *** only hydraulic oils




The ANAC reports are generated by the ANAC knowledge base using:

  • The ANAC CAPS database with feedback from interventions.
  • The ANAC algorithms, taking into account severe working conditions in mining and construction thus focusing on the life time of the components and the oil.
  • The ANAC database with reference data of all current part types, calculated on more than 7 million performed analyses.



The ANAC diagnosis is available per e-mail, and can be consulted on the Internet.