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Bearings in the industry are subject to high loads, extreme temperature variations, corrosion that can affect their lifetime and breakage. TotalEnergies Lubricants is offering a large range of premium greases dedicated to the bearing manufacturers and to any kind of industrial applications where bearings are used.

Combining technology and TCO/TCO2 approach, the greases of TotalEnergies extend the lifetime of the equipments as well as the intervals of maintenance and reduce the grease consumption.

Our bearing greases for industry

The requirements of the industry are more and more stringent and sophisticated. Besides the application itself, other parameters have to be taken into account such as cost-effectiveness and durability. This is a priority at TotalEnergies Lubricants. Over the years we have developed our offer of premium greases to cope with the ever demanding requirements of our customers : CERAN, MULTIS, MULTIS COMPLEX and ALTIS ranges. Bearings are key equipment in heavy industries such as steel, mining and paper where water is omnipresent, in heavy load and high temperature environments. Bearings can be found in other industrial segments such as EV applications with specific high speed constraints. An upscale lubrication extends the bearing's lifetime, increases the productivity by minimizing maintenance breakdown and generates cost savings (TotalEnergies Cost of Ownership).

Our lubricants for continuous casting, wet sections and roller bearings: CERAN XM

CERAN XM greases are the best choice especially in steel but also in paper and mining industries. It consist of mineral oil-based products, covering a wide range of applications in high permanent water exposition, high temperature and high load environments. Operational in a temperature range from -30 to 180°C.

Our lubricants for high loaded bearings in low & artic temperature conditions: CERAN XS

CERAN XS range is a synthetic oil-based calcium sulfonate complex grease more specifically dedicated to applications under very low temperatures down to - 60°C.

It is the favourite range for bearings in Mining and Energy segments.

Our multipurpose greases for bearings under high temperatures & medium heavy loads: MULTIS COMPLEX EP/MHD

MULTIS COMPLEX EP & MULTIS COMPLEX MHD (standing for Medium Heavy Duty) are a well balanced range of premium products covering all kinds of industrial applications from off-road to mining installations when constraints are moderately severe.

Our lubricants for bearings at extremely low temperature and lifetime performance: MULTIS COMPLEX SHD

MULTIS COMPLEX SHD (standing for Synthetic Heavy Duty) brings outstanding resistance to oxidation for longer grease intervals & higher performance at extremely low temperatures down to -40°C. Suitable for Cement & Mining applications.

Our lubricants for heavy duty & extremely loaded applications: MULTIS COMPLEX HV/XHV MOLY

MULTIS COMPLEX HV MOLY and XHV MOLY reach 620 kg at the Four-ball weld load test, ensuring optimal lubrication that extends the life of the equipment.

They are particularly recommended for Mining applications.

Our lubricants for fill for life bearings under high speed and high temperature: ALTIS

ALTIS polyurea range offers exceptional performance under high speed and high temperature conditions. The exclusive structure of ALTIS grease range enables a better lubrication and less vibrations, ensuring long-life service to the equipment as well. ALTIS grease range has been initially developed for electrical motor bearings and fits perfectly to e-mobility industries.

ALTIS range is the right choice for high speed bearings, mechatronic systems, fans, blowers and EV motors.

Other applications

Our services

TotalEnergies Lubricants offers a wide range of services for industry professionals. From in use oil analysis to our TIG6 maintenance software (CMMS), our range of services is specifically designed to help you approach the management of your operations with confidence, allowing you to focus on what matters most: your production.