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Compressor is a mechanical device used to increase the pressure of a gas. According to the mechanism of gas compression, there are two main types of compressors: dynamic and positive displacement. Dynamic compressors, axial and centrifigual, convert the kinetic energy of a gas to higher pressure while the latter increases the pressure by reducing the gas volume. Among the compressors with positive displacement, we can find two main categories: reciprocating and rotary. Compressors can be found in every industry such as food production, petrochemical, energy, pharmaceutical etc. The work conditions are extremely various depending on the gas, the compressor type, as well as the final applications. However, the right choice of lubricants is always key to keeping good operation of your compressors in order to significantly reduce friction, protect metal surfaces, seal and cool the mechanical contacts. The oil selection depends not only on the compressor types but also on the gas to compress.

Our compressor oil

TotalEnergies Lubricants can offer a complete product range to deal with different types of compressors found across the whole industry: DACNIS, NEVASTANE, LUNARIA, PLANETELF. All the products are formulated with specially selected base oils and additives in order to deal with diverse operation conditions.

Our lubricants for air compressors: DACNIS

DACNIS range is designed with our expertise to deal with different applications according to international specifications: ISO 6743-3 and DIN 51506. Each product helps to lubricate, seal and cool key mechanical organes, piston-cylinder as well as screw rotors even in case of severe air compression.

DACNIS & DACNIS LD are mineral oil based products to ensure continuous operation at normal compression level.

DACNIS SH & DACNIS SE are formulated with synthetic base oil in order to deal with sludge and deposit formation under severe operation conditions.

Our lubricants for air compressors in food processing industry: NEVASTANE SH

Special additives are strictly selected for formulating our synthetic food-grade air compressor oils: NEVASTANE SH. Besides the fonctions of standard air compressor oils, NEVASTANE SH is also necessary to limit the contamination risk and ensure the compliance of food production process with the HACCP principles.

Our lubricants for natural gas compressors in energy industry: DACNIS LPG

DACNIS LPG is specially formulated with polyalkylene glycols (PAG) for the lubrication of natural gas compressors. The polarity of PAG makes the lubricant film more resistant to the gas dilution and ensures better protection of mechanical surfaces. On the other hand, the stability of PAG together with additives allows DACNIS LPG to be suitable for different gas composition under varying compression conditions.

Our lubricants for refrigerating compressors: LUNARIA & PLANETELF

The oil selection is closely related to the refrigerant in a given refrigeration unit. In case of ammonia R717, the whole range of Lunaria is formulated with specific hydrocarbon base oils to deal with different evaporation temperature even below - 45 °C. Regarding HFC refrigerant, our Planetelf range is formulated with particuler chemistry (POE and PAG) to ensure excellent miscibility with the gas at low temperature and sufficient viscosity in case of gas dilution at high temperature. In conclusion, both Lunaria and Planetelf ranges provide excellent mechnical protection for refrigerating compressors without compromising the global efficiency of refrigeration systems.

Other applications

Our services

TotalEnergies Lubricants offers a wide range of services for industry professionals. From in use oil analysis to our TIG6 maintenance software (CMMS), our range of services is specifically designed to help you approach the management of your operations with confidence, allowing you to focus on what matters most: your production.