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Metal deformation is characterised by three different types of oil. Their characteristics make it possible to respond to the complexity of the parts to be deformed.

NEAT OILS: The range of pure oils covers all the physical and chemical properties necessary for the success of your cold forming operations: viscosity and lubrication.

SOLUBLE OILS: They combine a high lubricating and cooling power to respond to the heat generated during forming operations. Used as an emulsion in water, they reduce the consumption of products.

EVANESCENT OILS: Formulated from light petroleum cuts, vanishing oils reduce or even eliminate degreasing operations.

VANISHING OILS: Formulated from light petroleum cuts, vanishing oils allow to reduce or even eliminate degreasing operations. They are perfectly suited to medium difficulty or high throughput operations.

Our lubricants for forming applications

TotalEnergies has developed a range specialy designed for forming applications. MARTOL is an innovative range for metal forming applications requiring optimised lubrication. It is versatile thanks to its diversity of product lines, which can be adapted to aluminium, extreme pressure, stadard vanishing, thermal degreasing or even air quality or reduce VOC emissions. Thus the range responds to the minimal or no degreasing stage provided after stamping while allowing a reduction in oil consumption.

It consists of three types of oil.

Our lubricants for aluminium: MARTOL AL

MARTOL AL is a product line for materials such as aluminium stamping and copper. Each AL reference allows the thickness of the foil to be targeted; varying from less than 1mm to 100mm. The product is made of highly refined base oils with added additives. MARTOL AL is suitable for deep drawing and cold heading. The product provides a particularly effective degreasing of about 30% more than a competing oil. MARTOL AL is available in three oil qualities, MARTOL AL 20 HC, MARTOL AL 60 and MARTOL AL 150, all with a viscosity of 40°C.

In addition, the product meets the ISO TS 12927 MHB.

Our lubricants for extreme pressure: MARTOL EP

MARTOL EP is a chlorinated neat oil extreme pressure range. A first range of MARTOL EP CF series forming oils suitable for deep drawing, cold forging and other applications. A solution with a mineral composition for ferrous metals including stainless steel, galvanized steel and for aluminium. The range is gold-plated with a strong anti-corrosive power. The MARTOL EP range also includes MARTOL EP 185 and MARTOL EP 79, both of which are suitable for the same alloys as MARTOL EP CF for deformation, except that they are also suitable for copper. MARTOL EP 185 and MARTOL EP 79 are available in two thicknesses from 10 to 100mm and 1mm to 10mm respectively.

Our lubricants for extreme pressure: MARTOL EV

Is a VOC-free synthetic product used for all forming operations. Its special blend of anti-wear additives and solvent ensures a better lubrication for these operations and releases very little oil residue on metal parts. This action thus limits degreasing operations, authorizing post treatments such as welding or mechanical assembly. MARTOL EV 45 is dedicated to stainless steel, while MARTOL EV 40 CF, MARTOL EV 10 AQ and MARTOL EV 10 CF are for steel, galvanized steel, aluminium, copper for drawing, stamping and blanking operations.

Our lubricants for extreme pressure: MARTOL LVG

MARTOL LVG is available in two ranges, MARTOL LVG AQ and MARTOL LVG CF. MARTOL LVG AQ is a high quality vanishing oils specially designed for the less stringent forming operations such as punching, drawing, bending and roll forming mainly for aluminium.

Our lubricants for extreme pressure: MARTOL FMO

MARTOL FMO has three products for aluminium food manufacturing. MARTOL FMO is divided into three product lines. They all have in common the applications such as stamping, puching and blanking for which they operate. MARTOL FMO 235 CF and MARTOL FMO 75CF are also suitable for deep drawing applications.

Other applications

Our services

TotalEnergies Lubricants offers a wide range of services for industry professionals. From in use oil analysis to our TIG6 maintenance software (CMMS), our range of services is specifically designed to help you approach the management of your operations with confidence, allowing you to focus on what matters most: your production.