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The use of TotalEnergies' neat and soluble oils guarantees high performance while optimizing production costs. TotalEnergies' Research and Development department anticipates the constraints of the machine operator. It offers innovative, high-performance products that ensure better machine efficiency, optimized surface finish and fewer rejected parts.

Efficient follow-up is ensured by reactive experts, present in the field to meet your needs. The cutting fluids formulated by TotalEnergies Lubricants are committed to guaranteeing HSE standards, particularly in terms of operator safety.

In addition, TotalEnergies Lubricants cutting fluids guarantee a long tool life thanks to their formulation based on adapted additives.

In short, the cutting fluids developed by TotalEnergies Lubricants are formulated to increase productivity, reduce equipment downtime and promote better maintenance, but also to improve the HSE profile and the safety in the workplace.

Our cutting oils

Cutting is characterised by the use of cutting tools and the removal of chips. It is a roughing operation that depends on machining.

The contrast between the two is not always straightforward, ultimately TotalEnergies Lubricants guides your choice according to the type of application.

Soluble fluids are suitable for cooling requirements and high temperatures, high speeds and low loads, and are suitable for milling, sawing, gear cutting.

In contrast to pure oils, soluble fluids are more suitable for turning, drilling and grinding.

On the other hand, low-speed oils, like neat oils, and high loads and are suitable for threading, gear cutting, lapping, etc.

Our neat cutting oil: VALONA BIO

VALONA MS 7010 BIO is a vegetable neat cutting oil designed for severe machining mainly. It is a biosourced and biodegradable product operating on ferrous and non-ferrous materials.

The advantage of this fluid is its safety and environmental friendliness. It offers the advantage of no skin irritations and displays low mist emissions.

This neat cutting oil offers excellent tool protection and increase tool lifetime. The fluid is resistant to strong oxidation. VALONA MS 7010 Bio is a multi-purpose fluid, suitable for the various stages of the machining process, namely: sawing, milling, turining, drilling, reaming, tapping, threading and broaching.

The advantage of this Bio product is its formulation with no hazardous component and its ability to enhance excellent cutting performance compared to conventional neat oils.

Our soluble oil: SPIRIT X

SPIRIT 7000 X is a biocide-free, mineral oil-free micro-emulsion technology specially designed for heavy machining of cast iron, steel, aluminium and many others.

The cutting fluid is particularly suitable for metalworking. It is compatible with aluminium with improved surface finish. It offers a very high lubrication as well as a particular resistance to corrosion. SPIRIT 7000 X contains specific EP additives to optimize lifetime of the tool and surface aspect of the metal parts. The specificity of the SPIRIT X range is also its absence of hazardous pictograms. It is specified to ISO 6743-7; ISO-L-MAF.

Our bio-sourced soluble oil: FOLIA

FOLIA B 7000 is a bio-sourced water-based fluid, mineral oil-free and emulsifier-free, which shows excellent cooling and lubricating properties.

FOLIA B 7000 is a lubricant formulated with the aim of being safer. Its particularity is that it does not present any pictograms or hazardous component, which reduces the risk of skin irritations. This new product offers better performance for both operators and their environment thanks to innovative technologies that replace conventional oils with bio-based polymers. This range is part of TotalEnergies's commitment to develop reliable fluids that meet current safety and environmental standards. This new fluid meets three major challenges - health, safety and environment.

The fluid allows to maintain an excellent stability in the cutting phases. The product increases productivity and cutting speed for an equivalent surface quality compared to a conventional fluid.

Our services

TotalEnergies Lubricants offers a wide range of services for industry professionals. From in use oil analysis to our TIG6 maintenance software (CMMS), our range of services is specifically designed to help you approach the management of your operations with confidence, allowing you to focus on what matters most: your production.