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Oil & Gas

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Lubrication excellence down the line

Drilling, fracking, producing, processing, compressing or liquefying natural gas: many core operations of the Oil & Gas industry where reliability is so critical and safety so crucial to maximize return on investment.  

From remote deepwater frontiers to oil and gas fields in the Arctic, we’re delivering the solutions you need. Our field expertise in dealing with lubrication of oil and gas production facilities help you reach operational excellence down the line, wherever you operate.

Relying on a portfolio of cutting-edge lubricants and associated services to enhance your performance is nothing in your industry without a dedicated supply chain. In more than 150 countries, our affiliates will take care of all logistic arrangements to ensure that your operations remain uninterrupted.

Our lubricants for the Oil & Gas industry

Lubricants for power generators              

The prime choice for steam turbines and centrifugal compressors

PRESLIA is a premium quality mineral turbine oil designed for trouble-free operations and long-lasting protection of your turbo machinery


Long life turbine oil suitable for light industrial and heavy-duty gas turbines

PRESLIA GT is formulated on advanced mineral basestock to withstand thermal stress and reduce deposit formation in turbine systems



Next generation turbine oil specifically designed to meet the requirements of high efficiency and peaking gas turbines

PRESLIA EVO is formulated to prevent sludge and varnish build-up in turbine systems.


Synthetic ester turbine oil for use in aeroderivative gas turbines

Meets MIL PRF 23699 classification as well as turbine makers requirements


High-class synthetic ester turbine oil for use in aeroderivative gas turbines

Meets MIL PRF 23699 classification as well as turbine makers requirements

PRESLIA SE HTS is recommended for aeroderivative turbines requiring a HTS-class fluid or aero turbines particularly sensitive to deposit formation.

  • NATERIA for stationary gas engines


  • RUBIA WORKS for diesel gensets and backup power generators


  • DISOLA, CAPRANO for high and medium speed diesel engines used in marine applications




Lubricants for maintenance

We offer a comprehensive range of lubricating oils for hydraulic systems, gears, compressors as well as heat transfer fluids and specialty greases suitable for the Oil and Gas industry.

TotalEnergies expertise

As a major force in the Oil & Gas sector, TotalEnergies has is ideally placed to develop specialised product ranges formulated for the unique requirements of the oil & gas industry. We put our years of industrial leadership and expertise in the production of oil and gas to work for your performance. We collaborate closely with original equipment manufacturers to ensure that our solutions deliver unrivalled levels of reliability and continuous operations.

Meeting your needs

We know what it takes to manage lubrication of facilities located in remote areas and harsh environments.We help you overcome technical and logistic challenges related to the lubrication of your equipments. Count on our support and focus simply on your core business.

  • We help you standardize your lubricants portfolio to simply storage in tights spaces and ensure maximum reliability of your machinery
  • Our ANAC service can help you troubleshoot machinery by simply analysing its lubricant, preventing major damage down the line.
  • With our dedicated supply chain in many countries, you can count on TotalEnergies to deliver on time in most remote locations. We provide technical support such as oil diagnosis guidance, lubrication audit and filtration services for your equipments.



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