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Wind turbines


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Need a breath of fresh air ?

The wind power sector has a unique and very demanding set of challenges, including extreme operating conditions, hard-to-access locations, and the need for continuous availability and efficiency.

Reducing the cost of energy has become a structural driver of the wind industry in recent years. Committed to better and affordable energy, we have set up an innovative approach for companies in the wind sector keen on reducing their operating costs.

Our overall lubrication solution meets the operational needs of both onshore and offshore wind farm owners while helping them extend their maintenance cycles even further.

Our lubricants for wind turbines

TotalEnergies, a breath of fresh air for your productivity:

  • CARTER WT 320

    Full synthetic gear oil designed to deliver ultimate protection of wind turbine gearboxes and maximum oil change interval up to 10 years


    High performance lithium complex synthetic greases for main shaft, blade, yaw and generator bearings. Meet the requirements of the Wind industry


    Lithium-free synthetic grease for heavy loaded and large size bearings (main shaft, yaw and blade bearings). Particularly suitable for wet environments and offshore wind.


    Highly adhesive extreme-pressure grease with solid additives for blade and yaw gear toothing


    Biodegradable protective grease for wire ropes in both onshore and offshore environments


    Long-life hydraulic fluids formulated for durable performance in a wide range of temperatures and operating conditions


    High-class and reputable long life organic coolants for a higher protection of your wind turbine cooling system

TotalEnergies expertise

As one of the world's biggest names in industrial lubricants, TotalEnergies has decades of industry expertise and field experience to ensure that your wind turbines always perform at peak efficiency. We operate a number of university wind power research and testing facilities where we constantly develop and refine our innovative lubricant solutions. In addition, we work closely with end-users and equipment manufacturers to ensure that our technologies meet the stringent requirements of the wind industry.

Meeting your needs

Drive down you maintenance costs and improve your long-term competitiveness with TotalEnergies Wind+ concept and lithium-free greases.

The Wind+ Concept for your wind power plants

  • Change your gearbox oil only once in the lifetime of your wind turbine with CARTER WT 320
  • Boost your oil’s performance with LIFE EXTENDER WT until reaching the next scheduled oil change
  • Customize the monitoring of your gearbox with ANAC WIND, a dedicated oil analysis for your equipment
  • Monitor your wind farms’ condition and optimise your oil change strategy with TIG 6,our lubrication and maintenance software


Lithium-free grease CERAN XS for your wind turbines

  • Free yourself from the constraints of the lithium market by adopting the next generation grease CERAN XS
  • The technology CERAN has a proven track record and extensive experience in the heavy industry for over 20 years



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