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Gas engines

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TotalEnergies offers a full range of lubricating oils especially formulated for the chemical industry.

Unlocking the value of your gas engine

From gas field production through to cogeneration plants, stationary gas engines are the prime choice for a distributed and clean energy supply. Used extensively to provide mechanical or electric power into most isolated places, gas engines can’t fail !

They are designed to operate at peak production and deliver responsive performance with every kind of gaseous fuels: natural gas, flare gas, coal gas, biogas, landfill gas, sewage gas or syngas.

We’re committed to unlocking the value of your equipment whatever the operating conditions. Our range of gas engine oils and coolants is engineered with the sole aim of providing maximum drain intervals with no compromise on engine life.

Our lubricants for gas engines



    Truly innovative semi-synthetic gas engine oil engineered to deliver maximum oil drain interval and protect the engine against varnish-like degradation products.


Next generation low ash premium mineral engine oil for use in modern steel piston engines operating under extreme temperature, reduce oil specific consumption and meet the higher brake mean effective pressure.


    Advanced gas engine oil formulated to ensure optimum balance between low-ash and longer oil drain intervals. For use in natural gas fueled engine or treated biogas applications


    Premium gas engine oil formulated to provide durable performance. For use in natural gas applications


    Advanced gas engine oil with strengthened dispersancy for use in biogas and landfill gas engines

Special applications


    Advanced gas engine oil designed to deliver optimum performance when oil cooling is limited. Particularly suitable for natural gas fueled or dual fuel engines operating in hot climates

  • NATERIA V 40

    Ashless mineral gas engine oil for use in 2-cycle and 4-cycle gas engines as well as gas compressors

  • NATERIA ML 406

    Mineral gas engine oil for use in landfill gas fuelled engines subject to acid and halogen compounds

  • NATERIA X 405

    Full synthetic low ash gas engine oil for natural gas engines operating under very severe conditions and high thermal stress


    Very long-life coolant with reputable and extensive experience in the field. Meets or exceeds the requirements of most engine manufacturers.
    The best compromise between heat transfer and cold protection.


    Antifreeze concentrate. Performance identical to COOLELF SUPRA once diluted


    Aqueous concentrate of organic inhibitors for long-lasting protection against corrosion and cavitation.
    Optimum heat-transfer in your engine when cold protection is not required.

TotalEnergies expertise

As a renowned player in engine oil research and testing, TotalEnergies is ideally placed to develop products formulated for the unique requirements of gas engine operators.We work closely with original equipment manufacturers to ensure that our solutions provide maximum engine reliability and efficiency.

Meeting your needs

Reduce your operating costs and boost your earnings while ensuring the best protection for your gas engine.

  • Our combined offer of premium gas engine oils and coolants can help you reach unbeatable efficiency.
  • Our ANAC monitoring service can help you optimise your drain interval and prevent major damage on both engine and cooling units.
  • With our dedicated supply chain in most countries, you can count on TotalEnergies to deliver on time in most remote locations. We provide technical support such as oil diagnosis guidance and management of waste oil.



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