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Automotive manufacturing

Enhancing productivity, reducing environmental impacts and embracing technological innovations are the major challenges faced by the automobile industry today. Total Lubricants provides services and a complete range of products, to target excellence.




Engine Manufacturing – Engine Parts and components manufacturing – Transmission Manufacturing – Steering system – Fuel System

Total Lubricants offers a complete range of services, including fluid analyses, technical expertise on fluid maintenance and bath adjustment, and global Fluid Management (from product delivery to recycling).
A versatile and safe technology of Metal Working Fluids for you is our priority.

Thermal System

Radiator manufacturing

The MARTOL range brings you multi-purpose and innovative products for metal forming applications.


Our technology has been recognized as a reference by many producers, including Valeo and Hanon.

A/C Compressors

PLANETELF is a range of PAG lubricants specifically designed for A/C Compressors, using both refrigerant R134a or HFO1234yf.

Body parts stamping / exhaust system

MARTOL and FINAROL ranges are homologated by main OEM and cataphoresis producers, and are used by main stamping companies worldwide.
Our specific formulations allow a low consumption and can significantly reduce degreasing needs.

Our product range and applications

Maintenance oils and greases

  • Hydraulic systems
    • AZOLLA: high performance hydraulic oil - high temperature and pressure conditions, systems sensitive to deposit formation.
    • EQUIVIS: high performance hydraulic oil - high temperature and pressure conditions, High viscosity index.
  • Indsutrial gear oil
    • CARTER: high pressure gear oil, adapted for high temperatures and in demanding environments.
  • Sliding oils
    • DROSERA: Multipurpose range for all machine tool parts : slideways, gears, spindle movements, feed and gear boxes
  • Greases
  • MULTIS : a multipurpose industrial grease range, adapted for any operation.
  • ALTIS :
    • Long Life time at high temperatures
    • Excellent mechanical stability and shear resistance
    • Extended operating range
  • CERAN :
    • Outstanding water resistance
    • Outstanding anti-wear properties
    • Excellent mechanical stability and shear resistance

First-fill greases

Our engineers and researchers are continuously developing greases for all your specialist first-fill applications (clutch, motors, seats, staters, bearings...).

4th global greases supplier, Total Lubricants is present in every region to deliver tier 1 and OEMs globally with the same and constant quality.

Our plants are ISO 9001, ISO 140001 and ISO TS 16949:2009 and in line with automotive best practices.

Metal working fluids

MARTOL : Forming fluids for ferrous or non-ferrous metals, with a wide range of thicknesses and operating conditions

VALONA : Multi-purpose neat cutting oils. Based on hydrocracked base oil technology for safer and better performance.

SPIRIT : High performance soluble cutting oils, for ferrous and non-ferrous metals.


Our technical teams and experts are at your disposal to assist you on site, helping you to reach your productivity commitment and gain in efficiency. With more than 1000 people in 5 continents, Total Lubricants support automotive components suppliers and OEM in their developments and sustainable growth.


With 3 dedicated R&D centers in France and India, TotalEnergies has developed a strong experience in first-fill greases, metal working fluids and maintenance lubrication. More than 300 researchers are working everyday on providing safer and better solutions for automotive industry of tomorrow.



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