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Green power

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Capturing heat energy to fuel the future

Wood waste, Earth, Sun: three renewable heat sources used to produce steam and drive a steam turbine that generates carbon-neutral electricity. A valuable alternative to fossil fuels and worthy investment for your company provided that you get profit of out it.

Biomass, geothermal, solar thermal power plants, these all require optimized turbine design to cope with the specific challenges set by cycling operations or changes in raw material quality.

We help green energy producers to get the most out of their equipment in compliance with their environment. Our first-class lubricants will keep your power block at peak efficiency and deliver the reliability you need to ensure high economic returns.

Our lubricants for biomass, geothermal and solar thermal power plants

Turbines Oils


    The prime choice for steam turbines operating under varied conditions.
    PRESLIA is a premium quality mineral turbine oil designed for trouble-free operations and long-lasting protection of your turbo machinery.


    Next generation turbine oil specifically designed to meet the requirements of flexible power plants and high efficiency turbines.
    PRESLIA EVO is formulated to prevent sludge and varnish build-up in turbine systems.

Hydraulic oils for steam turbines


    New generation of fire-resistant hydraulic oil for use in electro-hydraulic control systems of steam turbines.
    CMR-label-free phosphate ester fluid (HFDR Class) safer for your operators.

    * CMR = Carcinogenic, Mutagenic, Reprotoxic substances


    Zinc-free mineral hydraulic oil for use in electro-hydraulic control systems of steam turbines.
    Long-life mineral hydraulic oil highly stable in the presence of water.

Lubricants for maintenance

We offer a comprehensive range of products to lubricate any kind of equipment operating at your site: hydraulic systems, gears, bearings, transformers, backup power generators.


TotalEnergies expertise

As part of our ambition to become the responsible energy major, we like the idea of supporting power producers in their quest for affordable, reliable and clean energy. We put our years of industrial leadership and expertise in the operation of rotating machines to work for your performance. We collaborate closely with leading steam turbine manufacturers to ensure that our solutions provide unrivalled levels of efficiency and reliability.

Meeting your needs

As an independent power producer, we know what it takes to manage green power projects. Plants are typically located in sensitive environmental areas. The power block of small, medium size is generally commissioned and provided as a turnkey solution by the turbine supplier.

We handle everything for you and make sure that the supply of lube oil is not a concern wherever your plant is located.

  • Our local staff will contact your EPC contractor and turbine supplier to organise on-time delivery in compliance with domestic environmental regulations.
  • Our ANAC service will help you troubleshoot machinery by simply analysing its lubricant, preventing major damage down the line. For turbines, we have developed ANAC INDUS TURBINE a customised service for your machinery.
  • We provide technical support such as first fill guidance, specialised filtration services and management of waste oil during the commissioning of your power block or the maintenance of your turbine.




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