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Nuclear industry

image des centrales nucléraires (panoramique)


Contribute to nuclear safety

TotalEnergies' commitment to better energy has a deep meaning for the nuclear industry. Our leading-edge lubricants have been contributing to nuclear safety for decades and recognized as dependable products in nuclear power plants.

TotalEnergies lubricants are used today in the core of nuclear energy production process and help ensure trouble-free operations around the clock. 

Our lubricants for nuclear power plants

Nuclear steam turbine         


    The prime choice for steam turbines operating under varied conditions.
    PRESLIA is a premium quality mineral turbine oil designed for trouble-free operations and long-lasting protection of your turbo machinery.


    Next generation turbine oil specifically designed to meet the requirements of flexible power plants and high efficiency turbines.
    PRESLIA EVO is formulated to prevent sludge and varnish build-up in turbine systems.


    New generation of fire-resistant hydraulic oil for use in electro-hydraulic control systems of steam turbines.
    CMR-label-free phosphate ester fluid (HFDR Class) safer for your operators.

    * CMR = Carcinogenic, Mutagenic, Reprotoxic substances

Standby generators


    Diesel engine oil with high tenacious and adhesive properties ensuring efficient cylinder lubrication during emergency start-up at full load.
    Approved by EDF Nuclear (PMUC).


    Long-life coolant specially designed for emergency power systems in nuclear power plants.
    Approved by EDF Nuclear (PMUC) Approved by EDF Nuclear (PMUC).

TotalENERGIES expertise

As part of our ambition to become the responsible energy major, we understand the unique requirements of the nuclear industry and bring our expertise in lubrication to ensure safe and continuous operations. We work closely with original equipment manufacturers and have a vast experience with nuclear power producers to make sure that our solutions provide unrivalled levels of reliability and plant availability.

Meeting your needs

You know the importance of safe reliable operations. TotalEnergies help you enhance the reliability and efficiency of your machinery with no compromise on safety.

  • Secure your maintenance with a world-class locally-based lubricant partner able to cover your full catalog of products and back-up your lubricating oil supplies.
  • Improve the reliability of your equipment by monitoring your oil with our dedicated oil monitoring system ANAC.
  • Rely on our teams to support you during turbine first fill and oil change operations.



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