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Scooter engines have unique requirements and challenges. TotalEnergies lubricants include a wide range of high-performance oils scientifically formulated to meet the specific needs of scooter engines.

For 4-stroke engines we offer the following:

For 2 stroke engines, we offer HI PERF 2T SCOOTER.

How our scooter oils improve performance?

Most scooters use 4 stroke transmission, where a single unit houses the engine, clutch and gearbox. This creates a complex set of conditions that require a specialist oil if you want to achieve optimal engine performance.

2 stroke scooter engine oils bring a different set of challenges. With 2 cycles, more of the engine's lubrication is lost through combustion; 2 stroke engines may consume oil at anything from four to eight times the consumption rate of a 4 stroke engine. For this reason, TotalEnergies has formulated a 2 stroke scooter engine oil to meet these requirements.

Our oils improve performance by lubricating and cooling the scooter's engine for a smoother ride and better fuel efficiency. They also cut down on CO2 emissions and other forms of pollution.

How our scooter oils promote protection?

All our scooter oils are formulated to protect every engine from damage due to high temperatures, mechanical wear and corrosion. This means fewer costly repairs, and a longer useful life for every vehicle you operate.