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Wind turbines

Total Lubricants brings you a comprehensive range of reliable, high-quality lubrication solutions and other specialist products scientifically formulated for use in the wind power industry.

Our products: wind turbine oil and more

    A range of wind turbine gear oils including mineral, synthetic and biodegradable oils. The CARTER range of oils for energy is ideal for use in wind turbines.
    Hydraulic fluids formulated for high performance at very low operating temperatures.
  • The MULTIS COMPLEX range and COPAL OGL 0
    Bearing greases for various applications, including generator bearings, main shaft, pitch and yaw gear bearings.
    Coolants with or without antifreeze protection.
    Transformer fluids.

TotalENERGIES expertise

As one of the world's biggest names in industrial lubricants and specialist oil products, TotalEnergies has the industry expertise to ensure that your wind turbines always perform at peak efficiency. We operate a number of international research and testing facilities where we constantly develop and refine our innovative lubricant solutions. In addition, we work closely with our users and with equipment manufacturers to ensure that we are always at the cutting edge of the industry.

Meeting your needs

The wind power sector has a unique and very demanding set of challenges, including extreme operating conditions, remote or hard-to-access locations, and the need for continuous reliability and efficiency. TotalEnergies products meet all these needs and more, with high-performance products and a variety of support services. Choosing TotalEnergies allows you to streamline your lubricant purchases. as well as giving you access to expert analysis and advice.