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Transforming the power grid

Power outage is one of the most critical threats to the functioning of our society. Forming the backbone of modern energy grids, transformers need to operate absolutely reliable to ensure a stable and resilient power supply at all times.

The growing concern about the reliability and efficiency of electric grid has been fostering the use of alternative insulating fluids that both improve transformer safety and lifetime without damaging the environment.

As part of our commitment to better energy, TotalEnergies is one of the very few suppliers that offer a comprehensive range of conventional and alternative transformer oils to support grid stability and electric infrastructure modernization.

Our dielectric fluids for transformers

ISOVOLTINE: the range of high performance insulating fluids

IEC 60296

IEC 60296

Alternative fluids based on biodegradable esters


Alternative fluids are on the rise all over the world not only because of their green image. Ester-based dielectric fluids have now proven track records in distribution and power transformers.

The technical capabilities of esters are nearly unlimited, their financial benefits already measurable for equipment manufacturers that can streamline the design of their transformers and provide cost savings to end-users.

IEC 61099

Synthetic ester-based insulating fluid.


  • Long-life fluid for enhanced transformer protection
    • Dielectric strength unaffected by water
    • Dielectric strength unaffected by water
    • Outstanding oxidation and thermal resistance
  • High fire safety
    • Higher flash point
  • Low temperature capability for cold climate applications
  • Readily biodegradable

Suitable for all kind of transformers located in remote areas or sensitive ecosystems as well as traction transformers.


The best-in-class bio-sourced technology

IEC 62770

Truly innovative insulating fluid based on natural esters


  • Increased transformer protection
    • Dielectric strength unaffected by water
    • High capability to take water from cellulose
    • Excellent oxidation resistance in its product class
  • Very high fire safet
    • Superb flash point and fire point above 300°C
  • Ultimate biodegradability
  • Reduced carbon footprint

Particularly suitable for transformers located in sensitive ecosystems, confined or urban areas where the fire risk is high.

TotalEnergies expertise

TotalEnergies has shaped a range of high-performance dielectric fluids through close relationships with transformer manufacturers and national power boards around the world. Our insulating oils are recognized as premium quality products by reputable laboratories to ensure best-in-class protection of your equipments.

Meeting your needs

Wherever you are, TotalEnergies has the solution for all your needs. You are looking to:

  • Increase your equipment cooling and efficiency? We have low-viscosity insulating fluids with excellent cold-flow properties for all climates.
  • Enhance your equipment protection against corrosion? Our paraffinic transformer oils are sulfur-free and not corrosive to your transformer
  • Reduce fire hazard? Go for alternative fluids and green your business in the same time.
  • Minimise your environmental impact? Our range of alternative biodegradable fluids can help improve your company’s public image.

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