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TotalEnergies' family of engine oils and lubricants includes a complete range of products specifically formulated for farming equipment, to meet the needs of agricultural professionals. TotalEnergies' innovative products are carefully tailored to provide cost-effective and practical solutions to meet the demands of a profession that relies continuously on sophisticated equipment. Our products are designed to suit the specifications of the most recent developments in agricultural machinery.

Driving and use comfort

Driving or using a piece of machinery that's not adequately lubricated can become very uncomfortable. Because our products are specifically formulated to provide superior cooling and lubrication for agricultural machinery, they allow for much smoother and more comfortable operation. 

Increase of mechanism service life

TotalEnergies lubricants significantly reduce friction and improve cooling for all kinds of agricultural equipment. This reduces mechanical wear on the engine, and also helps prevent overheating. Along with engine cleanliness and corrosion prevention, this reduces the need for repairs and improves the service life of your equipment.

Cost reduction

TotalEnergies lubricants help to cut costs in three main ways. One, they cut fuel consumption by making your engine more efficient. Two, they reduce the need for repair or replacement of machinery. Three, they can cut down the need for lube changes.

Universal lube for multi-brand fleet

Because TotalEnergies lubricants are specially formulated to work well across a range of engines, the same lubricant can be used with multiple different brands without compromising on effectiveness.