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The ANAC oil analysis diagnostics system for optimal fleet management


ANAC TRANSPORT is a diagnostics system specially designed for road fleets, based on the scientific interpretation of used oil analysis data. This ANAC TRANSPORT oil analysis kit allows fleet managers to reduce the TOTAL Cost of Ownership of their vehicle / machine park.​


ANAC TRANSPORT offers a more complete and accurate analysis compared to existing sensors for a more targeted and less expensive intervention. 


ANAC TRANSPORT is recommended for:

  • Systematical follow–up of wear in driveline components such as engines, transmissions and differentials of long haul trucks and coaches in international transport of persons/goods.
  • Evaluation of the remaining lubricant performance level related to the application.
  • Optimization of the maximum allowed drain intervals of the OEMs.
  • Prevention of breakdowns.
  • Extension of the life time of driveline components.
  • Check the oil compositions influence on the life time of the after-treatment devices.
  • Preventive maintenance, hence reduction of cost price per km or per mile.
  • Decrease of the fuel consumption by Fuel Economy control and detection of potential fuel dilution.
  • Possible valuation of the equipment during resale.



Mechanical wear:

  • Wear elements: Iron, Lead, Copper, Tin, Chromium, Aluminium, Nickel (ppmc)


Oil contamination:

  • Silicon (ppm), Soot* ( %) , Water (%), Cooling Liquid*(presence) , Fuel* (%)

Characteristics of the lubricant:

  • Kinematic viscosity (mm2/s) at 100°C* or 40°C***, oxidation*, TBN**, Sulphated Ashes* 


*only for engine oils     ** only for Gas Engine Oils     ***transmission oils




The ANAC diagnosis and comments are generated by the ANAC application using:

  • The ANAC database of feedback on successful corrective actions by the users.

  • The ANAC diagnosis algorithms, allowing compensation for the effect of oil top mileages, hence focusing on the genuine wear condition of the component.
  • The ANAC database with reference data of all current part types, calculated on more than 7 million performed analyses.



The ANAC diagnosis is available per email, and can be consulted on the Internet.