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The TotalEnergies lubricant family of products includes a range of specially formulated engine oils for the transport industry. TotalEnergies' range of RUBIA diesel engine oils is among the most comprehensive available.

How do TotalEnergies lubricants promote performance improvement?

The Rubia PC-11 range of oils gives you optimum efficiency even in harsh conditions and at extreme temperatures. They remain consistent even in intense heat or cold, providing excellent lubrication whatever the weather.

By effectively reducing friction in all the moving parts of the engine, the Rubia PC-11 range of oils improves fuel efficiency. Less fuel is wasted, so overall consumption drops. There's also a corresponding reduction in CO2 emissions, making for a cleaner, greener fleet.

Because they're formulated to reduce pollution in diesel engines, including those fitted with particle filters, our oils cut down the amount of particulate pollution released by your buses and other diesel vehicles.

How do TotalEnergies lubricants promote protection optimisation?

When the moving parts inside an engine rub against each other due to insufficient lubrication, they wear down more rapidly. In addition, friction produces excess heat -- a significant cause of engine failure. By minimising friction between moving parts, TotalEnergies lubricants can significantly improve the lifespan of any engine by protecting against wear and overheating. This means a longer useful life for the vehicle, and less downtime due to avoidable repairs.

TotalEnergies lubricants also protect by promoting engine cleanliness. Fewer pollutants and less particulate matter means less wear on the engine, less sludge, and longer oil drain intervals.