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How does RUBIA TIR FE engine oil improve fuel consumption?

Fuel represents around 30% of total truck operation costs, thus even small reductions in fuel consumption can significantly improve the bottom line of heavy-duty fleet operators.

There are several initiatives to capture fuel economy (FE) gains. One of them is engine oil design, which can enhance FE performance via viscosity control and friction reduction. Lowering the lubricant’s viscosity reduces the overall friction in the engine, and is a key enabler to deliver fuel efficiency gains.

What is fuel economy retention?

FE retention is the oil’s ability to retain its FE properties or credits over the oil drain interval. The RUBIA TIR FE range is specially formulated to have better control of oxidation, volatility and soot-induced viscosity growth, thus allowing viscosity to be maintained over the oil’s lifetime and retaining FE credits. This means that fuel savings are optimized when a RUBIA TIR FE oil is used.

EURO 5 and 6 engines : Fuel economy retention as tested for optimum fuel savings

A series of tests performed on EURO 5 and 6 heavy-duty diesel engines1 show that RUBIA TIR FE engine oils2 maintained their viscosities throughout the oil drain interval, ensuring optimum FE credits from star to end.

EURO 4 engines : close to 3% fuel economy3 as tested

Tested on actual fleet operating in real-world conditions, RUBIA TIR FE engine oils offer close to 3% FE3 for EURO 4 engines.

Why should you choose RUBIA TIR FE engine oils?

 Over 20 Years of FE Experience

 TotalEnergies has been developing FE products since the 1990s. Today, a third of TotalEnergies engine oils sold worldwide is formulated with FE technology.

 FE Partnership with OEMs

 RUBIA TIR FE range is developed in close cooperation with key OEMs. Therefore, the range is fully approved for use in their engines to achieve FE targets of the OEMs.

 FE Lubricants for Every Application

Our wide range of FE solutions is suited for every application, including engines gearboxes and axles.

Tested on Real Roads Certified for Fuel Savings

FE lubricants are tested on actual fleets operating in real-world conditions, and certified by independent testing organizations sucj as TÜV Rheinland, UTAC, and Millbrook.

RUBIA TIR FE Lubricants with the All-New T.I.R. Technology

  • TotalEnergies Protection provides optimal engine protection against wear, corrosion and deposits.
  • International Approvals achieve greater number of approvals and more advanced approvals than most products in the market.

Reduced Costs offer better fleet cost savings with a full suite of FE lubricants for engine and transmissions, and a leading ANAC condition monitoring service.


  • Turn off Engine when stationary in traffic
  • Adjust roof-mounted air deflector to reduce aerodynamic drag
  • Minimize harsh braking and use cruise control whenever appropriate
  • Inflate tires to correct pressure and minimize trailer height/load for better fuel economy