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Folia: The Revolution of Metalworking

The Folia range is a revolution in the field of metalworking. It is a biosourced and water based fluid, free of oils and emulsifiers. With a high lubricity and an excellent cooling power, it offers the users a unique solution for multiple metalworking operations.

three major benefits: health, safety and performance


Using advanced technologies, we bring to market the first and only metalworking fluid, that replaces standard oils with biosourced polymers, providing the best performance for the operators and their environment.


FOLIA health picto


FOLIA security picto


FOLIA performance picto


Less hazardous components

No odor

Longer tool lifetime

Boron free technology

No dermatosis

Longer fluid timespan

No pictograms

No fumes

Less consumption


No oily machines / workspace

Increased productivity

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Folia is a revolutionary solution in metalworking. The new product offers better performance for both operators and their environment by using innovative technologies that replace conventional oils with biosourced polymers

Market Manager Industrial Lubricants - Metalworking
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We have listened to our customers’ needs and with this innovation, we can provide a healthier, safer and more performing solution

Market Manager Industrial Lubricants - Metalworking

Customer testimonial about Folia – Hutchinson

An innovation for industry



Folia is aligned with TotalEnergies’ commitment to supply affordable, reliable, clean energy that meets the highest safety and environmental standards. The new fluid addresses three major issues – health, safety and the environment – and improves our customers’ working conditions.

This new fluid demonstrates our ability to meet customer needs and sets TotalEnergies ahead. Folia delivers significant savings in tooling and productivity costs. It also improves operator working conditions.

Customer testimonial about Folia – Degomme Bocard