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Transmission manufacturing

TotalEnergies provides high performance greases, oils and fluids to support you in manufacturing transmissions. Our products help you manufacture quality transmissions efficiently, yet without compromising either productivity or the health and safety of your operators.

Our transmission manufacturing products

  • VALONA HC: Hydrocracked Neat Cutting Oils
  • VALONA MS: Multi Purpose Cutting Oils
  • VALONA BR: Broaching
  • VALONA GR: Grinding and finishing
  • VALONA ST: Steel machining

User-friendly water based cutting fluids

  • VULSOL: Mineral oil free
  • SPIRIT: Micro emulsion 
  • LACTUCA: Macro emulsion

Meeting your needs

In the transmissions manufacturing industry, you have a number of pressing requirements. These include increasing your productivity, shortening production cycles, saving on production costs, extending equipment service lifetimes, and reducing lubricant consumption. At the same time, you have to consider health, safety and the environment -- decreasing waste, elimination of dangerous substances, and reducing VOCs.

TotalEnergies has the products and the expertise to meet all of these needs, giving you enhanced productivity without compromising on care for users and the environment. Our products help reduce waste, cut costs and minimise environmental impacts, all while improving efficiency and supporting the maximum service life of your machinery.

TotalEnergies has six production units worldwide and local sales forces set up across more than 40 countries. This world-class global presence gives us the ability to meet the requirements of our clients in the transmission manufacturing industry. At the same time, our global presence also gives us the ability to ensure uniform high-quality products and services worldwide by supervising quality standards closely.



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