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TotalEnergies lubricants are formulated to provide outstanding engine performance, efficiency and resilience.

How do TotalEnergies lubricants extend engine life?

Our products increase the life of your car's engine by reducing friction between all moving parts. This reduces the engine's temperature – which is important given that overheating is a major cause of engine trouble. Because multi-mechanical parts can move freely without abrading each other, wear and tear is greatly reduced. The engine is also protected from dirt and corrosion, further reducing the need for repairs and extending its overall lifespan.

How can your motor oil adapt to extreme temperatures?

In the coldest winters, you need an oil that will still retain liquidity and remain sufficiently fluid to lubricate and cool your engine. An oil that becomes sluggish and viscous, with reduced pumpability, may not protect your engine. Our lubricants continue to perform well even when the temperature drops below freezing.

In hot regions, the opposite problem can arise. Heat can cause some oils to become too liquid, reducing their viscosity to an undesirable degree. If the oil is too thin, it can no longer coat the engine's moving parts; it won't protect them effectively from friction or heat. TotalEnergies motor oils are formulated to cope with the heat.

How can lubricants help with cost reduction?

Any professional knows that engine repairs translate into expense. By reducing the need for costly mechanical repairs, TotalEnergies lubricants save money. Because they also reduce fuel consumption, TotalEnergies lubricants cut running costs. Our lubricants also need to be changed less frequently - another saving.