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TotalEnergies is one of the key leaders in lubricants across the energy landscape. TotalEnergies have full range of high-quality dedicated lubricants for gas power (gas turbine, steam turbine, gas engine), natural gas value chain (incl. LNG), wind turbines, hydropower, transformer. When it comes to keep the equipment reliability, reducing maintenance downtime, optimize maintenance cost and productivity, TotalEnergies Lubrifiants with its wide range of products and dedicated value-added services, provides the best cost-benefit solution to its customer. We have developed biodegradable lubricant range to protect the environment.

Proximity to customer is one of key factors for TotalEnergies. In energy segment, we have a widespread reach of customers in more than 130 countries. With dedicated supply chain team, working closely with operation team and customer, you can count on us to meet your stringent of requirements.

Our oil analysis platform, 'ANAC service' can help you troubleshoot machinery by simply analyzing its lubricant, preventing major damage down the line. We provide technical support on health and safety procedures, lube audits, lube consultation, and various other services.

  • 150
    countries are supplied by our full range of lubricants
  • Energy industry

  • 60
    years of experience in lubricants

TotalEnergies offer for natural gas value chain

From gas field exploration, production and processing through to cogeneration plants, stationary gas engines are the prime choice for a distributed and clean energy supply.  Used extensively to provide mechanical or electric power into most isolated places, gas engines can’t fail! They are designed to operate at peak production and deliver responsive performance with every kind of gaseous fuels: natural gas, flare gas, coal gas, biogas, landfill gas, sewage gas or syngas.

We’re committed to unlocking the value of your equipment whatever the operating conditions. Our range of gas engine oils, compressor oil and coolants is engineered with the sole aim of providing maximum drain intervals with no compromise on engine life.

Our gas engine oils: Nateria

Nateria lubricants are detergent oils for gas engines and motor-compressors running on all types of fuel, from natural gas to highly corrosive landfill gas. As a result of long experience, the formulation of Nateria lubricants complies with manufacturers’ requirements by ensuring maximum engine protection. Thanks to Nateria range, you can extend oil drain intervals due to substantial reserve alkalinity, have a better thermal stability and better resistance to oxidation and nitration. Furthermore, this range has considerable anti-wear and anticorrosion properties and detergent and dispersant capacities that reduce the formation of deposits.

Our coolants for gas engines: Coolelf & Glacelf

Coolelf are ready-to-use coolants. Glacelf are antifreezes for dilution in demineralised water. The antifreeze and coolants protect engines against freezing-up, overheating and corrosion of the cooling circuit metals. The performances of the products are enhanced due to organic additives. Our antifreeze and coolants provide longer service life, a complete preservation of the anti-corrosion properties due to non-consumption of the additives and the absence of any formation of deposit liable to hinder the heat transfer capacity.

Our services

TotalEnergies Lubricants offers a wide range of services for industry professionals. From ANAC oil analysis to our TIG6 maintenance software, our range of services is specifically designed to help you approach the management of your operations with confidence, allowing you to focus on what matters most: customer satisfaction.