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LubAnac Agri

The LubAnac Agri analysis diagnostics system for optimal fleet management


LubAnac Agri is a diagnostics system specially designed for agriculture application based on scientific interpretation of used oil analysis data. This LubAnac Agri oil analysis kit allows fleet owners to reduce the Total Cost of Ownership of their vehicle / machine park.


LubAnac Agri is specially developed for:

  • Systematical follow–up of wear in driveline components such as engines and agricultural transmissions of all tractors, harvesters and other agricultural equipment.
  • Severe working conditions at high load and in different climatic conditions, by checking the presence of larger wear particles in the tractor transmission lubricant.
  • Check of lubricant contamination like water, sand and dust.
  • Prevention of downtime and improved use of the (contractor) fleet in all safety.
  • Determination of presence of hydraulic oil in universal tractor transmission oils – UTTO avoiding noise and shuddering (when providing a sample of the fresh oil).
  • Preventive maintenance, hence reduction of cost price per hour.
  • Decrease of the fuel consumption by Fuel Economy control and detection of potential fuel dilution.
  • Possible valuation of the equipment during resale.



Mechanical wear:

Emission spectrometry (ICP) of elements: Fe, Pb, Cu, Sn, Cr, Al, Ni (ppmc).

Ferrous Debris Monitor: Measurement of large iron particles (Fe) for all non-engine components (transmission, differentials,…).


Oil contamination:

Silicium (ppm), Water (%) : for all applications.

Soot (%), Cooling liquid (ppm), Fuel (%), Copper passivation: for engines


Characteristics of the lubricant:

Kinematic viscosity (mm²/s) at 100°C, Oxidation (IR).

Kinematic viscosity(mm²/s) at 40 °C on Hydraulic Applications.

UTTO (Universal Tractor Transmission Oil) performances on UTTO products.



Additive elements Ca, Zn, P, Mg, Mo, Ba, V, Na, B, Ag.

Calculated sulphated ash (%).




The LubAnac reports are generated by the LubAnac knowledge base using:

  • The feedback from customer interventions in our LubAnac CAPS (Customer Assisted Prognosis System) database.
  • The LubAnac algorithms, taking into account the severe service in agricultural and forest applications providing elements allowing to extend the life time of the components and the oil.
  • The LubAnac database with reference data of all current part types, calculated on more than 8,5 million performed analyses.

The LubAnac Diagnosis Report


The LubAnac diagnosis is sent per e-mail, and can be consulted through a secured connection on the Internet