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LubAnac city

The LubAnac City oil analysis diagnostics system for optimal fleet management


LubAnac City is a diagnostics system specially designed for intra-city road fleets based on the scientific interpretation of used oil analysis data. This LubAnac City oil analysis kit allows fleet managers to reduce the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) of their vehicle / machine park.


LubAnac City offers a more complete and accurate analysis compared to existing sensors for a more targeted and less expensive intervention.


LubAnac City is specially recommended for:

  • Systematical follow–up of wear in driveline components such as engines, transmissions and differentials of delivery trucks, garbage trucks and city buses, equipped or not with gas engines or functioning with specific (bio)fuels.
  • Low mileage applications under severe working conditions and high load, by checking the remaining alkalinity reserves of the lubricant.
  • Check of the lubricant condition in city service.
  • Prevention of breakdowns and improved use of the fleet.
  • Optimum use of driveline components in all safety.
  • Life time increase of the after-treatment devices by oil composition analysis and lubricants recommendation for the latest Euro 6 engines upon request.
  • Preventive maintenance, hence reduction of cost price per km, mile or hour.
  • Decrease of the fuel consumption by Fuel Economy control and detection of potential fuel dilution.
  • Possible valuation of the equipment during resale.



Mechanical wear:

Wear elements: Iron, Lead, Copper, Tin, Chromium, Aluminium, Nickel (ppmc)


Oil contamination:

Silicium (ppm), Water (%) for all applications

Soot (%), Cooling liquid (ppm), Fuel (%) for engine oil analysis.

Characteristics of the lubricant:

Kinematic viscosity (mm²/s) at 100°C for engine and transmission oils.

Kinematic viscosity (mm²/s) at 40°C for hydraulic systems.

TBN (mgKOH/g) according to OEM requirements, Oxidation, Nitration, Sulphated Ash for engine oil analysis.



Additive elements Ca, Zn, P, Mg, Mo, Ba, V, Na, B, Ag



The LubAnac reports are generated by the LUBANAC knowledge base using:

  • The LubAnac CAPS (Customer Assisted Prognosis System) database based on feedback on successful interventions.
  • The LubAnac algorithms, allowing compensation for the effect of oil top up and severe service conditions, hence focusing on the life time of the components.
  • The LubAnac database with reference data of all current part types, calculated on more than 8.5 million performed analyses.



The LubAnac diagnosis is sent per e-mail, and can be consulted through a secured connection on the Internet.