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23/02/2023 News

The 7th International Summit on Power Battery Applications in Shanghai

On December 19-22 2022, the 7th International Summit on Power Battery Applications (CBIS2022) was held in Shanghai. In the four-day forum, many industry leaders and industry experts gathered together to review the development of power battery industry in the context of global carbon neutrality.

Ms. Bai Yang, Technical Director of TotalEnergies Lubricants (China) Co., Ltd., and Mr. Zhao Linhai, Director of National Electric Vehicle Fluids Business Development of TotalEnergies Lubricants (China) Co., Ltd., were invited to attend the meeting. Ms Bai Yang delivered a presentation entitled "Coolant dielectric fluids for Lithium ions batteries”. She shared the R&D efforts of TotalEnergies in electric vehicle applications and our know-how in the field. Three different dedicated EV battery fluids and the innovative direct immersion cooling solution were introduced to the audience. Solid research data showed that our technology can efficiently avoid thermo-runaway and heat transfer. It can meet the requirements under strict working conditions including high-power fast charging. In addition, the exciting road test results on the very first world mass production vehicle with an immersion cooling battery pack were shared and attracted a lot of attention. We have received many exchanges and discussions after the presentation.

In the summit, TotalEnergies Lubricants (China) Co., Ltd. won the annual innovative enterprise award.

For EV battery, TotalEnergies has developed immersion cooling technology using dedicated dielectric fluids, which could prevent the spread of heat, significantly reduce the fire risk, and make the power battery safer and more efficient.

The newly developed dielectric fluids help electric vehicles to meet the future requirements of long driving range and ultra-fast changing.