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21/04/2021 News

America : EV FLUID Webinar

Do you believe in electric mobility?

Total will present its fluid solutions to answer the needs of current and future electric and hybrid vehicles.

Join us on May 17 to know more about the world of tomorrow.

-    eDrive : Power density increase in the electric powertrain is needed in order to have higher driving range autonomy for EV. Higher power density means more heat to evacuate and a direct oil cooling e-machine and inverter will help to achieve this challenge. In order to ensure that electric components work well during the entire lifetime of the vehicles dedicated fluid must be used. 

-    Battery : Fast, ultra-fast charging and energy recovering can create tremendous thermal stresses on a battery pack and may cause battery failure or a reduction in its service life. To tackle this issue a new and efficient battery thermal system is needed with the use of a highly advanced fluid that allows excellent thermal performance and safety by direct contact with the electrochemical cells.

EV FLUID product


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