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12/09/2023 News

Ariège Biomasse Cogénération Boosts Turbine Performance with TotalEnergies Lubrifiants

Ariège Biomasse Cogénération, situated in Saint-Paul-de-Jarrat, Ariège, France, is a biomass cogeneration plant that derives electricity and heat from locally sourced wood. Commissioned in 2015, the plant currently generates an annual output of 4 megawatt-hours of electricity. In a significant development in 2023, Ariège Biomasse Cogénération initiated a partnership with TotalEnergies Lubrifiants to optimize the maintenance of its turbine.

TotalEnergies Lubrifiants supplied its advanced Preslia Evo lubricant and offered the Fluid Management service. Preslia Evo, a high-performance lubricant, is specifically tailored for steam, gas, and combined cycle turbines, as well as turbo compressors. It has been formulated to preserve turbine cleanliness, prolong lubricant lifespan, and enhance turbine reliability and protection. TotalEnergies Lubrifiants' Fluid Management service encompasses an on-site audit, the development and presentation of technical and commercial proposals, a risk analysis, service supervision by TotalEnergies Lubrifiants' operational teams, and the creation of a comprehensive work report.

Since the introduction of Preslia Evo and the Fluid Management service, Ariège Biomasse Cogénération has witnessed a notable improvement in turbine performance and reliability. However, it's worth noting that this evaluation is based on just a few months of product implementation, and longer-term benefits may continue to emerge. Ariège Biomasse Cogénération stands as one of the pioneering biomass cogeneration plants in France to adopt Preslia Evo and the Fluid Management solution from TotalEnergies Lubrifiants. This partnership serves as a testament to the potential of TotalEnergies Lubrifiants' technologies in enhancing the performance and reliability of biomass combustion turbines.

This collaboration underscores the commitment of Ariège Biomasse Cogénération and TotalEnergies Lubrifiants to advance the efficiency and sustainability of biomass cogeneration in France, emphasizing the pivotal role of cutting-edge lubricants and fluid management services in achieving these objectives.