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05/07/2021 News

Kazakhstan : TotalEnergies & HAVAL

A new player entered the Kazakhstan’s auto market-a premium brand HAVAL.

Customers will enjoy the stylish design, high road clearance, 4-wheel drive, high-power engine, rich vehicle accessories and a very attractive guaranty condition. Speaking of last, it also includes the guaranty for gearbox (DCT-7)- 5 years or 200.000 operational kilometers. This deal became possible partly virtue of cooperation between HAVAL and lubricants’ manufacturer TotalEnergies.

“We are grateful for receiving the opportunity to manage the mark HAVAL in Kazakhstan and being in partnership with such brand as TotalEnergies.” Our dealership network expands all over the regions around the country and we work efficiently by increasing the loyalty of clients to the brand. Our goal is to become the leader in SUV section on Kazakhstan’s market in the next 7 years coming”, — Akylbek Anarbayev commented.

The French oil manufacturer started the cooperation with Chinese brand HAVAL even before the mark from the Middle Kingdom was registered in the world trade register. The cooperation became strategic partnership.

“When the collaboration of global brands continues on local level it reflects strong values and similar goals. The collaboration with KMC “Astana Motors” -the one of the hugest players in auto retail, and with a brand HAVAL, fixing the ambitious plans, -is a great and important mission, -Dmitry Sobol commented. -TotalEnergies will provide reliable supply to all HAVAL’s dealership centers across Kazakhstan.”

The clients can rely on TotalEnergies lubricants-it meets all the rigorous requirements necessary for the latest generation of diesel and gasoline automobiles.

HAVAL’s vehicles, charged by TotalEnergies, are already started their coming with a goal win over the Kazakhstani drivers - the dealership network expands over 14 cities. TotalEnergies lubricants, in their turn, will assure the reliability of HAVAL cars to its users in a wide range of climatic conditions of one of the biggest countries in the world.

On the photo below are Dmitry Sobol, Managing director of Total Marketing Services Kazakhstan LLP., Akylbek Anarbayev, director of «Haval Motor Kazakhstan» LLP and Zamir Gasanov, director of the Autocentre "Havel Almaty".