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28/08/2023 News

Nevastane H1 Lubricants

Guaranteeing safe food for consumers is now of the utmost importance for food processors. TotalEnergies Nevastane is the answer to the current food market requirements. It is a complete range of lubricants dedicated to work in the food industry. Its products include both oils and highly specialized lubricants. All measures have been developed to support the food and beverage industry with the utmost attention to safety, including by reducing contamination problems as required by the Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP) system.

The Nevastane range is registered in the NSF H1 program, which confirms the possibility of their use in incidental contact with food. We talk about incidental contact with food when there is a lubricant leak on the production line in an amount of no more than 10 ppm. That is, no more than 10mg of lubricant per 1kg of food produced. By using Nevastane lubricant here, production is safer. However, when using a traditional lubricant that is not NSF H1 certified, the food is contaminated and should not be sold. Nevastane products are formulated in accordance with FDA guidelines 21 CFR 178.3570. They contain only substances approved for incidental contact with food. So chemical compounds recognized by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) as safe for health.

The Nevastane lubricants factory is periodically audited by representatives of the NSF (National Sanitary Foundation) organization to verify that the production process complies with stringent standards for the production of lubricants for the food industry. In addition, the compliance of the formulation with the FDA guidelines is tested. As a result of this audit, the Nevastane factory received and constantly maintains the ISO 21469 certificate, which is the highest confirmation that the composition of Nevastane products is compliant with the standards and the products can be used in incidental contact with food. The factory is also visited by representatives of religious groups of Judaism and Islam. By checking whether production is carried out in accordance with Kosher and Halal requirements. For which we also receive confirmation in the form of appropriate annual certificates. Nevastane products are fully vegan, i.e. they do not contain animal substances in their composition. They are also free from genetically modified compounds, i.e. so-called GMOs. By using our products on the production line, you do not introduce additional sensitizing substances, because Nevastane agents are free of allergens in accordance with Regulation (EU) No. 1169/2011 of the European Parliament and of the Council of October 25, 2011, modified by EU/1155/2013. Nevastane team also work closely with the main food equipment manufacturers to keep the performance of our lubricants and get their approvals.

With over 80 years of experience in the production of lubricants dedicated to work in the food industry, we provide safe solutions tailored to the requirements of today's times. Our offer includes hydraulic, gear and compressor oils as well as chain lubricants, specialist products such as sugar dissolving agent, MPG-based coolant or heating oil. The offer is also rich in specialized greases based on calcium sulfonate complex, aluminum complex and calcium complex. In our assortment, we will find a solution for your application, which is the answer all challenges that you have to face every day: food protection, reliability and durability of equipment, reduction of oil consumption, security of supply. With Nevastane products, it is possible to extend oil change intervals or increase production efficiency. The packaging of Nevastane is dedicated for this range since they have food approval and a special color. Thanks to the green packaging, the products are easily identifiable, which reduces the risk of application errors. TotalEnergies distributes the Nevastane range worldwide. One supplier that provides access to a range of lubricant solutions in 120 countries.

We have a complete solution for pellet presses in Animal Feed segment: since a mineral grease of calcium complex until a calcium sulfonate complex with synthetic oil and many approvals from the main machine manufacturers. And recently we have enriched this offer with the Nevastane XM 460 grease. Unfortunately, the awareness of lossy lubrication of pellet presses is still limited. Users of the machine see that the grease wears out and regular relubrication is required. However, they do not think about where this lubricant "disappears". We all know the basic mass balance: in = out + accumulation. So, if there was grease in the system and it is gone, it means that it left the pellet machine together with the pellet produced. In the case of the production of animal food, it went to the bulk packaging and then to the stomach of the consumer. When it comes to feed used in animal husbandry, the food chain has successive stages. Therefore, by taking care of the quality of the lubricant used in the production of fodder, we also care about our health.