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05/01/2022 News

UK : eLub an updated online ordering system

eLub is new and improved: an updated online ordering system

Do you want to re-order your top-quality lubricants comfortably and effortlessly online? Of course you do!


We’re very happy to announce that Total Lubricants UK has updated its eLub online ordering system to offer new-found advantages and usability. To meet the needs of the modern customer, the launch our new and improved digital portal will allow you to order your Total Lubricants with ease.

Total Lubricants UK is proud to introduce the updated eLub platform; a web based self-serviced application which enables customers


UK : eLub an updated online ordering system
UK : eLub an updated online ordering system

Extraordinary advantages

With increased benefits and 24/7 availability, eLub has been created for your convenience and with our customers at its core. eLub has a vast number of advantages, such as:

  • Increased speed - quicker than a call centre
  • Maximised efficiency with a personal login and passwor
  • Easy and quick to use – orders can be placed within a few minutes
  • Limited errors on order
  • Traceability – users can track the status of each purchase
  • Speedy order and re-order confirmation
  • Fantastic purchase management
  • Accessible order history
  • The possibility follow-up last orders
  • The very latest in data security and safety

New and enhanced features 

And it doesn’t stop there. eLub’s very latest new feature roll out includes:  

  • Order pack and bulk together
  • Multiple ways to place orders
  • Simplification; login with just your email address
  • The ability to update profile and reset password
  • A new, user friendly interface

Total Lubricants UK offer a wide range of fluids for every vehicle; use our new eLub platform to order now or contact our team for more information.