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28/04/2021 Press release

World : Kia and Total renew their partnership

Kia and Total renew their partnership

Kia and TotalENERGIES: a long-lasting partnership !

Kia Corporation and Total Lubrifiants have renewed their global partnership in March 2021 for 5 years. Total Lubrifiants continues to be the recommended partner of Kia Corporation for the sales of lubricants in the dealership networks until March 2026. The networks will be able to benefit from TOTAL QUARTZ high-performance engine oils, Total Lubrifiants’ marketing expertise as well as Total’s mastery of electric mobility and electric vehicle solutions.

Kia and TotalENERGIES: a common vision for Performance, quality and innovation 

Since 2011, this collaboration has showcased the common vision of both companies in terms of performance, quality, and innovation. Thanks to the development of high-quality products and innovative solutions, both companies have strengthened their global market presence and have provided customized services to Kia customers. This renewal opens the door to new opportunities especially when looking forward towards the arrival of new engine technologies.

Kia and TotalENERGIES:  engineering new solutions

Kia and TotalEnergies renew their partnership

“We are proud to continue with this partnership that began 10 years ago” declared Jean Parizot, Vice-President Automotive at Total Lubrifiants. “This partnership, built around innovation and technology, has enabled us to develop perfectly customized products with Kia that meet the needs of customers. This renewal provides us with the chance to engineer new solutions for the constantly evolving requirements of electric and hybrid engines and to enlarge the partnership to new fields of cooperation such as mobility and electrification”.

"During the last 10 years we have built a very successful partnership for both Total and Kia, achieving remarkable growth and high levels of customer satisfaction," said Pablo Martinez, Vice President, Head of Ownership Customer Experience Design at Kia Corporation. "In the course of the next five years we will together explore additional cooperation possibilities in the areas of mobility and electrification," he added.

On the photo, from left to right : Martinez, Vice President, Head of Ownership Customer Experience Design at Kia Corporation, Jean Parizot, Vice-President Automotive at Total Lubrifiants, Jean-François Thouin, Deputy Head of OEM at Total Lubrifiants, Andy KIM, Vice President, Head of Global CX Ownership Group