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01/12/2019 News

Worldwide: Total Lubrifiants, an international greases manufacturer!


With an expertise of more than 50 years, Total Lubrifiants is one the market leader in the development, manufacturing and supply of greases dedicated to all kind of industrial applications meeting our customer’s requirements and constraints.

Lubricating greases find their applications in all Industrial market segments and are a major contributor to reduce the TCO of your plant.

With our 9 grease manufacturing plants worldwide, we are close to your production and are keen to provide you with our state-of-the art products and services.

Always moving forward, at the edge of innovation, Total is focused on the development of premium high-performance greases. Our main objective is to provide to all professionals the most comprehensive and cost-effective solution at optimum efficiency.

Discover more about the variety of our grease offer in our new video.

If you want to have more information on our different markets, please click here!