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Public works


The TotalEnergies lubricant range of products includes a variety of heavy duty engine oils specially formulated for public works. TotalEnergies' range of RUBIA WORKS and BIOTRAFFIC (biodegradable) oils is among the most comprehensive available.

How do TotalEnergies lubricants promote performance improvement?

TotalEnergies has developed a range of lubricants that are suitable for use in various types of public works equipment, including earthmoving and mining equipment. Our family of multi-purpose oils meet the most recent international standards required in the public works sector (MAN, RVI, MB, ACEA, API, etc), as well as the most exacting specifications of equipment manufacturers.

TotalEnergies' range of oils is formulated to provide optimum efficiency even in harsh environmental conditions and at extremes of temperature. They provide consistent lubrication whether in intense heat or cold.

By significantly reducing friction in all the moving parts of the engine, our range of heavy duty oils can greatly improve fuel efficiency. Less energy is wasted due to friction, so overall fuel consumption is reduced. This also produces a reduction in CO2 emissions.

How do TotalEnergies lubricants promote protection optimisation?

By reducing friction, there's a clear reduction in wear and tear on all moving parts in the engine. Our lubricants cool your engine and help to prevent damage due to overheating.

By improving engine cleanliness our oils lengthen useful engine life, cut down on sludge and reduce the need for repairs. Our products can also increase oil drain intervals, further reducing downtime.


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