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LubAnac Coolant

Through the LubAnac Coolant analysis service, LubAnac offers a fluid analysis service system for cooling liquids. It is an in-depth diagnosis for the follow-up of cooling liquids and cooling systems.

LubAnac Coolant is recommended in the following cases:

  • Detailed follow-up of the coolant behavior and the condition of the system the cooling liquid is operating in.
  • Punctual analysis and diagnosis in certain cases (breakdown, complaint, expertise…)
  • Compliance check of the properties of the cooling liquid in use with the new cooling liquid.

LubAnac Coolant

LubAnac Coolant determines the physical chemical properties of the cooling liquid and its protection against corrosion and temperature. The LubAnac report gives information such as appearance, pH, reserve of alkalinity, hardness of water, density.

Protection against temperature:

Ratio antifreeze/water, freezing and boiling temperature

Corrosion of the cooling system:

Spectrometric determination (ICP) of elements: Fe, Pb, Cu, Sn, Cr, Al, Ni (ppm)

Protection against corrosion:

Determination of the concentration corrosion inhibitors, organic and mineral.

LubAnac Coolant Visio

Coolant + Pollution by sediments:

Detection and qualification of the pollution by solid particles (of medium and big dimension >5μ) by filtration and microscopic observation.

LubAnac Diagnosis report

The LubAnac diagnosis report is dispatched by e-mail and can be viewed through a secured connection on the Internet. In urgent cases, LubAnac can send the report in shorter delays.